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Updated Apple Certificate Makes Old OS X Installer Invalid

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Certificate has made the OS X Installers downloaded before February 14, 2016 totally non-functional. This tool is required to verify 3rd party apps and services on the Apple desktop platform. While signing an app, this certificate enables OS X to validate if any app is corrupted or modified. Now the expiry of the certificate causes error dialogs and prevents you from launching apps. If you download an OS X installer and try to install the same on the machine, you get the next result as a failure. In such an odd condition, Apple users need some real support. Hence, Apple customer service technical support center offers help and support on OS X installers through online Apple support professionals.

To install the installer, developers need to have a new or re-issued certificate. Now Apple developers need to update their certificates in order to make their App Store submissions, extensions, Apple Wallet Passes, Mac apps, and Safari push notifications function properly. It is said that some prior versions of OS X can’t be downloaded and used on newer machines. Moreover, users of expired certificates can go for older installers by making some changes to the dates. As the certificate has been expired, you are likely to get the following message:

“This copy of the install OS X El Capitan application can’t be verified. It may have been corrupted or tempered during downloading. Delete this copy of the application, and go for the purchases page of the Mac App Store to download a new copy. “

The easier fix to the problem is in the following steps: Delete any old OS X installers in the Applications folder. Choose Apple menu > App Store in order to open the App Store app. Tap on the Purchased tab and enter your App Store password. Find your choice OS X installer and tap on Download.

If you are an Apple user and are facing any sort of issue with OS X installer app download, then the best thing you can do is to dial Apple support phone number to get Apple customer service technical support experts for troubleshooting OS X installer problems.

If the expired certificate makes you face an issue while an OS X install is in progress, try these steps to fix the issue: Select Utilities > Terminal in the OS X Installer; Enter sudo date 0201010116 and password respectively; and exit Terminal and continue the install.

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