Egypt's Nile

The longest river in the world

Life near the nile

Most Egyptians lived on the banks of the Nile or by canals extending from it. The Nile has many creatures that live in it from fish, to crododiles, or even hippos. Many people who would swim in the river would have to fight off hippos and sometimes the hippos would kill people as well. The Egyptians would regularly eat fish that would be caught in the river. The Nile was also used for many home problems. The Egyptians would use the Nile's water to wash their clothes, bathe, and cook.

All About the Nile

Believe it or not, The Nile is the longest river in the world. It runs 4,135 miles long. Two rivers, the White Nile and the Blue Nile, meet and form The Nile just south of Egypt. The Blue Nile has its source in the mountains of Eastern Africa. The White Nile starts in the marshes of Central Africa. The Nile was surrounded by a green, fertile area that helped grow crops. Narrow cliffs and boulders in The Nile form wild rapids called cataracts.

Farming on the Nile

The Nile has an annual flood which is what created the fertile area. When the Nile waters flood, it helps water the crops and deposit silt. It is not a huge flood, the river just rises a little bit. When the Nile waters subsided, the farmers would start sowing barley and emmer wheat which were two of the many types of plants they grew. The Nile helps fertilize the plants too. The animals come to drink from the water and it keeps them healthy so that the farmers can use the animals manure to fertilize the plants.

Sailing On the Nile

The Nile was the main highway of Egypt. The Egyptians had a full range boats that they would take across the river. The small cargo boats were used for carrying grains to trade. The state ships were only used for kings and high officials. The cataracts were very harsh rapids so boats could not sail through them. The smaller boats were only able to sail the last 650 miles out of the 4,135 mile long river.