Sticky Notes

Now they're digital!

Sticky Notes on Your iPad

Sticky Notes are useful little things. We use them for everything from grocery lists to differentiating groups of kids to having students complete exit tickets.

But happens.

They get lost. Mangled. Balled up. Trashed. Wadded up. Crinkled. Crushed. Unsticky. And just plain Gone.

No more. Not with Sticky Notes right on your iPad!

(Wasn't that a great little advertisement?)

How do you get Sticky?

First, download Sticky from the App store. Then simply tap to open it. Tap the + to create a new sticky notebook. You can create many notebooks in which to organize your Stickies. Think of the notebooks as categories. Then create any stickies you need in the notebooks. You can customize the font, color of the back ground, color of the text and text size. So get sticking!

Read the Article Above!

Then implement a use of Sticky in your classroom. Reader response would be a great place to start! Exit tickets are another way to use Sticky in your classroom.

How do I get credit?

Send Kelly or Karen a screen shot or picture of Sticky being used in your classroom!