Open Plan Office

Open Plan Offices

Open Plan Offices are great for people who want to be able to work with other people. Open Plan means that you are not confined into one place and you are able to work with other people, this is great for the police because it means they can work and communicate in one room without having to get out of a cellular office. The main features of an open plan are that it has no solid walls, no cells and is easy to communicate in.


When you have an open plan office you are able to move freely around the room, without having to be in a confined space.

You are also able to communicate quicky and easily with other work colleagues whereas if you were in a cell you couldn't, you would either have to shout or go into somebodies office, and invade their privacy.

One large place containing many desks so you can fit many people in one room.

Easier to supervise staff so that you can make sure that your workers aren't doing inappropriate things.


When you have an open plan office you have very little privacy, if not none, but in a cellular office you have plenty of privacy to make calls and do other things, like your own little room.


Police Stations use open plan offices to make it easy for a team of officers to work together on a case.

School also uses open plan rooms so children can work in groups and be easily monitered, it also makes it easier to teach as they will all be sight.