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Types of Grills

There are different types of grills. You can go from a five dollar grill up past thousands of dollars, each are better than the last. Consumer Reports, recommends getting a mid sized grill for a family of 4 or more, but once you get up to the high end ones that cost $500-$1000+, it's more for looks (Consumer Reports 40). A couple of other types of grills would be charcoal, wood, and smokers, all adding great taste, and flavor to the meat or veggies. Each one has there own unique taste and style. Consumer Reports states that gas can be dangerous giving way to gas leaks. "to minimize fire hazards regularly empty grease pans, trays..." (41). Doing this will help you prevent you from burning your house down. Make sure that if you are grilling on your deck, or on the ground that you do not burn right next to your house. You could get a flame that goes out the back of the grill melting your siding. The best food is cooked on a grill with a sense of pride and freedom.

Different Taste

The type of grill has a lot to do with the type of flavors and the texture of the food. Three main types would be grilling, roasting/smoking, and barbecuing. Grilling is best for delicate foods such as, fish, or vegetables, fish and relatively thin, tender cuts of meat. (Consumer Reports 41). This will give them a nice and juicy food, with a slight charred taste. Grill roasting is cooking with an indirect heat. Food is positioned next the the flame, unlike grilling it cooks with air temperature of about 300- 400F (41). The "low and slow" method otherwise know as barbecuing is for large, tough cuts such as ribs, brisket, and pork shoulder. Cooking over indirect heat at low temperatures (250-300) for a long period of time. Generally 2-4 hours (Consumer 41). This will give you a nice rich and smokey flavor. All depending on what your cooking.


The type of grill you use can impact the amount of flavors you will get in your foods. A expert griller Chris Schlesiger prefers to use hard wood charcoal, instead of real charcoal since it is made of natural hardwood, This provides a more natural flavor. (Travarso 3). Chris believes it is important to have different levels of heat to get a better flavor, and tenderness of the food. "you'r using a quick does of high heat to get a brown crust outside, then moving it to a cooler part of the stove to cook with gradual heat" said Chris (3). This is the best way to grill for smaller more tender items, like steak, burgers, and chicken breasts (Traverso 3).

Freedom of Grilling

According to Michael Frank and avid griller, "It's all about the smoke, the principal feeling of being in the outdoors". There is something about having the freedom of being able to just go and make lunch, and being able to go back to what you were doing its a sense of joy and pride. Frank recommends you freeze the meat before you go out. By the time you get there it will be thawed and ready to be put on the grill. If you do this method your meat will not spoil before you want to grill it. (1) This is a great way to be able to go where you want, and be ready. Just make sure that you have the right gear to be able to grill everything that you need.


According to Amy Trverso, a avid cook, there is a huge difference between grills and barbecues. "Barbecue is a process by which tough cuts of meat are roasted under cover for a long time over low indirect heat until the meat is tender, and perfumed with smoke" (Trverso 1). Grilling, on the other hand, is hot and fast, by using smaller pieces of tender meat, cooking them uncovered over a heat source until they get browned and juicy inside (Trverso 2). Flavor from grilling comes the smoke, and the browned outsides. While barbecue comes from the smoke, the rich flavor is from the long low temperatures over the heat giving BBQ that rich smokey flavor. Another famous method is roasting, take tender cuts, exposed them to moderate heat away from the flame, so your grease doesn't burn on the coals, when grease gets on the coals it gives off Benzopyrene (burned grease) (Trverso 2). This method provides a nice wood smoked flavor, and taste.

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