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10 Rules for my Dystopian Society

1. Will is the Supreme Ruler and the only ruler of the kingdom of Asheland.

2. Treason to Will is punishable by a lifetime in prison.

3. No one shall talk back to Will or any other insignificant government officials.

4. Leaving Asheland without government permission from Will, and Will alone, is prohibited.

5. Clubs and other groups are not allowed to meet under any circumstances.

6. Books and other sources of useless knowledge outside of the book "Will is Awesome", are banned in schools, homes, and other places.

7. Every Saturday a search will be conducted in homes to ensure no illegal materials have been brought in.

8. All food, water, and supplies belong to Will and are distributed based on loyalty to Will and Asheland.

9. Speaking in public places is not allowed and imprisonment will be enforced if necessary.

10. Children must attend Asheland Military School in order to be properly educated on respecting Will and Asheland.

Blog Post- Newspeak vs. Text Talk

Language is a beautiful privilege humans have to communicate with one another. Without it so many of the different aspects of the world would be different. Many jobs would not be the same, along with education and other items of the everyday world. This freedom of language is severely restricted by the central government in George Orwell's 1984. Instead of using a complex, enriched word scheme to convey their thoughts, the citizens of Oceania are forced to communicate through "Newspeak". The idea behind this is by forcing the citizens of this dystopian society to use as many abbreviations to the language as possible, it will dumb them down as a whole giving the government more power over the populous as a whole. Many argue that this is an effective way to control the populous. However, this idea only goes to a certain extent. In the book, Winston is constantly elaborating on his experiences and thoughts using very deep word choice and usage. While he may not use this technique while speaking or writing, he can think as complexly as he would like to himself. The only problem would be if the ability and right to think freely was taken away. If this fundamental right was erased, then the central government would have a huge advantage over the people by forcing them to use the simplest form of language they can.

Fast forwarding into today's society, a very similar type of communication to that of Newspeak is seen, except it is referred to as text talk. This simplified language is quite easy to learn and get used to, however it does limit vocabulary usage and grammar usage. On the other hand, the society today is allowed to speak their thoughts using much more complicated and elaborate language. It is peoples' choice of whether or not they use text talk, and therefore it should not be considered a modern day Newspeak. The schools of today's society allow students to learn formal, exquisite language and therefore broaden the horizons of literature and vocabulary usage. While many are worried about students using text talk, they should not fret because it is the choice of the students on whether or not they want to simplify their vocabulary. Otherwise, the basic fundamental right to speech would be denied, leading to an even more restricted society known to mankind today.

Vocabulary is not only a source of knowledge, but it is also a tool. Many people use it to convey emotions and or other knowledge they contain. Even though most people believe they know all the vocabulary they can get. It is always necessary to broaden the horizons. For example, while many people feel the emotion of when they push others away, even the closest people they are with, they don't know the word to put that into. It is actually known as mauerbauertraurigkeit. The feeling of loving bookshops is known as vellichor. The point is language should be used as a way to communicate our lives to others. While text talk may be necessary and useful for the busy lives people lead, they should also take the chance to use what they have been given.

1984 Memes

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Character Journal Entry

Some date in 1984- Winston Smith

I think I am going insane. Never before have I felt so alive and yet dead at the same time. Being with Julia, I feel as if I have wings. But there is much trouble in meeting her as often as I do. My worries about being caught by a telescreen or even worse the thought police are higher than ever. Do not get me wrong, I love her. However, at the same time I am scared. She is such a young and innocent spirit, while I am an old coward, afraid of my future, which will most likely involve being vaporized for being caught in an atrocious act such as making love to Julia. I must escape this fate and hold it off for as long as possible.

The proles must rebel soon. This is not only for Julia and I’s safety, but for the safety of the mind-controlled members of the inner and outer party. They are stupid to not realize the power in numbers they possess. Big Brother’s military could never hold off the number of people coming at them. But how to get the proles to rebel? It is a dead end in every way you go. Life is bland and goes on as usual, with a close monitoring by the party and the constant worrying that Big Brother is watching you. He might even be watching me right now.

My next meeting with Julia is this Saturday, and I’m starting to wonder why I’m going through all this risk to meet up with a girl I have barely known for a month. But in the end it is worth it. The defiance we show to the party is above that of any other act we can show. So what the party forbids the act of love to another human? The route I must take this time is beyond anything I have done before. Now she wants me to travel almost a hundred kilometers just to meet up with her. This is ridiculous. I mean, we’re going to be caught eventually and vaporized or even worse, tortured. I do not know what they do to those the though police catch before they are executed. All I know is that it cannot be good and I don’t want to find out.

The dream with O’Brien in it keeps on recurring to me at work each day. I keep on getting glances of him in the hallway and wonder about meeting in the place with no darkness. It must mean something good, right? I am fixing to talk to him at some point where I can single him out away from the sight of any telescreens or hidden microphones. There he must tell me about how he hates Big Brother so much like I have already expected. But what if he does show absolute loyalty to Big Brother. What shall I do then? Surely he will turn me in to the thought police since he is a member of the Inner Party. I guess I must trust my instincts to single him out when the time is right, and if it doesn’t go as planned I will run. I will run as far away as possible and say goodbye to every good thing I have known in life (which is very few things). Good bye, and see you sometime.

Comic Strip 1984

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