Ms. MacDougall's Fridge Facts

April 25-29


Skill of the week: ir, ur,er

High Frequency words (cannot be sounded out): come, been, could

This week we had a super hero come to our classroom. Her name is Super Girl Gertie and she loves bossy r. Super Girl Gertie taught us that when a vowel is in right of r, the letter r likes to take over and be the boss. A few examples of some bossy r words are girl, her, and church. Super GIrl Gertie even taught us the e-r,i-r, and u-r song. It is sung to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell.

The readers are also learning about really understanding the words they are reading and using everything they know to get the job quickly. This week the readers will be expected to use both fiction and non-fiction books to understand a new word by looking at the clues in the pictures and to stop and think about the new word. Additionally, the readers will be encouraged to use all the tools they have in their reading strategies "toolkit" to sound out a word quickly.

Writer's Workshop

The writers this week are continuing to work on their realistic fiction stories. We will be reading the mentor text Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat to help us identify realistic qualities and how to incorporate them in our stories. We will also discuss using our own personal experiences and small moments to help write stories that seem real. The writers will be encouraged to show and not tell by focusing on tiny realistic details. Showing a tiny detail will includes lots of descriptive words and actions word so they reader can picture it in his/her mind.


We are still learning and exploring shapes and their attributes. This week we talked about 3-dimensional shapes. Some examples include a sphere, cylinder, and a rectangular prism. We also learned that a face on a 3-dimensional shape is a flat surface and a corner is a point where at least three flat faces meet.

This afternoon we will also start a project named what did the shape say? Each student will pick a shape that we have learned about and write about its attributes.

Other News.....

The Action Discovery Museum came to Fiske School to teach us about light and color. Mrs. D taught us about white light and chromatography. Students were separated in three different groups to work in stations. One station focused on chromatography while another included using flashlights and colored paper.

The Garden Club from Lexington also came and visited our classroom this week. The class learned about trees and their parts. The parts of the tree discussed were the trunk, branches, roots, and leaves. They students also got to stand up and pretend that they were a tree in a forest or woodland.

Acton Discovery Museum Field Trip

Please make sure that your child's field trip permission slip and money is in. If you are unsure if I have your child's permission slip please feel free to contact me. We had so many parents willing to volunteer their time and come to the museum with us. Thank you so much! The following is a list of volunteers that will be helping us at the museum based on first come first serve policy: Mrs. Callahan, Mrs. Hwang, Mrs. Le, and Mr. Hall.