The Legend Of The Immigrants

By Tautyunna and Tanya

Where did the immigrants come from ?

They came from Europe, Ireland, Norway, China,and Sweden.

When did Immigrants?

1815,1840,and 1880.

Pull and Push Factors

What pushed them were the potatoes died and they were sick. What pulled them was that they hurd that Amereca is a grate place.

Angel Island

  1. The immigrants carved shambles in the walls so that there story could be told one day.
  2. Angel Island is one of the important place in Americas History.

Ellis Island

first they had to take there belongings to the baggage room. Second they walked a long flight of stairs. The last step they had to answer some questions.


  • Food
  • Culture
  • Languages


Some Immigrants could not get in because they had diseases and letters on them.