Improve Material Heath

Millennium Development Goal #5

Over 800 women die everyday due to pregnancy and childbirth complications

About 289,000 women died in the year of 2013 because they were lacking proper care before and after there baby delivery. Extreme poverty is a huge issue related to maternal health. Because the families have little, if no health care, most of the babies do not make it to see their fifth birthday. Poor maternal health is worse in other countries than it is here. over 14 years our efforts have improved maternal health by 75%, and we are looking forward to the other 25% to come!

Maternal Health has Improved 45% Since 1960

Sunday, Sep. 27th, 9pm

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Maternal health is usually very poor in developing countries. Complications with pregnancy and birth has been a big issue across the globe, but over the past 15 years we have improved maternal health all around the world. Not being able to see the proper doctors has really hurt some countries, but with the charities foundations developed countries has contributed, we are minimizing the deaths caused by pregnancy and birth!


14 million girls aged from 14-19 gibe birth each year