distopian back story


Tragedy has struck everyone is panicked everything is ruined and destroyed planets collided and only a few planets were still standing that was Neptune and earth and luckily the sun and moon but only part of America made it but we needed some way to build are society back up but keep are resources from getting scarcer than they already have become. So we need someone to take over but whom? The rich thought they were more powerful because they could afford to build some of it so the rich took over the entire government they give everyone only one chance to be rich or terribly poor but was the leader the man in charge we’ll we can’t call him by his name we just call him sir. The whole disaster really changed everyone but especially him he thought to be “fair” to the citizens he and the government decided that your back round doesn’t matter your life depends on this one test. If you pass the test you get money and earn your necessities but if you fail you can’t fall in love or be happy at all and the government will watch every single move that you make.