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Foster Carers Association

In Partnership with the Fostering Service

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Shareing our Knowledge, Experiance and Training with Staffordshire People

*************** WE NEED YOU, ***************

We hope to stage a day long event from a venue in Stafford town, while also presenting e-safety within the main Libraries around the county,

We are still in the planning stage and would really like to hear your idea's on how we can -

not only promote Safer internet Day but also demonstrate fostercarers proffeshionalism and the diverse traing that the Fostering service provides for carers,

This could be a major promotional activity and put Staffordshire Foster carers and Friends and Family carers up there as being second to None.

Don't worry if you do not feel confident with Computers just have the desire to talk and share

You all know how to stay safe you just need to adapt your knowledge to the World Wide Web and we will prepare you before the day ...Honest