Online Classes - Spring 2018

Krause Center for Innovation

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LINC 57: Designing Learner-Centered Instruction (41730) 1 unit - Learn how to individualize your instruction for student-centered learning with Ms. Linda Ullah. This course meets online beginning 5/7.

LINC 79: Multimedia Project Production (41801) 2 units - Bring your projects to life and learn how to create projects with music, photos, videos, and animations. This course is taught completely online by Mr. Dominic Bigue, starting 5/7.

LINC 90C: Online Collaboration Tools (42395) 2 units - Explore different collaborative technologies for integrated student projects, planning and evaluating projects, and effective communication. This course is taught entirely online with Dr. Elisabeth Sylvan beginning 5/7.

LINC 58: Project Based Learning (42286) 2 units - Learn from Dr. Michael Simkins, PBL author and expert. He will guide you on building student-centered projects that engage students. This course is fully online and begins 5/21.

LINC 81A: Using Digital Images I (41796) 0.5 units - Effectively use digital images for teaching, learning, or training. Produce a gallery of images based on categories or themes. This online course with Mr. Will Cavada begins on 6/11.

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Krause Center for Innovation

Our classes and programs prepare teachers to use a variety of hardware and software tools including free web 2.0 applications in daily instructional practice.