Phobos And Deimos

The "Moons" of Mars

How they got in orbit

The moons of Mars are Phobos and Deimos. These "moons" may not even be moons at all. There are many ways that these satellites could have came into orbit. One belief is that they are asteroids, due to their appearance. They could have come from the kuiper belt and launched by Jupiter's gravity. Another possibility is that they are the leftovers of debris floating around Mars. And one last theory is they formed like normal moons.

Their distance to Mars

Phobos and Deimos are different distances to Mars, both pretty far apart. Phobos, which is the larger of the two (14 miles across), is about 3,700 miles away from Mars, or 6,000 kilometers. Deimos, which is the smaller of the two (8 miles across), is about 12,470 miles away from Mars, or 20,069 kilometers.

Out of Orbit

Phobos and Deimos's orbit's are off a little. Deimos is slowly drifting away from Mars, which will result in it becoming an asteroid. It will take a long time though. As Deimos slowly drifts away, Phobos is moving a different direction. Phobos is slowly moving in towards Mars. In approximately 50 million years, it will either crash into the surface of Mars, or become rings. Either way, they will no longer be moons. (add a video when you get home please)
Phobos and Deimos

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