Ball Is Life Break By: Tray Pratt


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Camp Time

This spring break I went to a basketball skills camp hosted by Nba star Lebron James in Cleveland, Ohio. The camp was supposed to help you on your handles, vertical, and agility. It also had a tournament that if you win had the most wins in King Of The Court you will get free tickets to go to any professional game you wan to go to.

Game Time

The camp was really fun and you could have never gotten bored. there were alot of pickup games and 2k. Every day Lebron would have whole camp would work on ball handling, defence, rebounding, speed and quickness. After everytime we finish the drills the camp would play with 5 on 5 it was really one of the best memorys I had. On the last day of camp the king of the couts tournament started, but unfortunately i came in 10th place out of 30, it was a great game and I loved it.

Hang Time

Going to the camp was fun I learn so many new things and met alot of new people. Meeting Lebron James was also amazing, I always wanted to meet him because he is one of my role models and inspired me to play basketball when i was 10. The real reason i went to this camp was to work on my basketball skillsand have fun. It was a great and fun experience and I'm really grateful i got to go to Lebron's skill camp and I hope i come back next year.