Lineville Technology Class

Braeden Jorgensen

Explain Everything

Explain everything was a good app for problems for like math or real life situations. We used it this year for doing math problems. It's cool because you can make slides or you can speak it into a mic. It really helped me with math problems because we use it in math also.
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Go Animate

Go Animate was a really fun app because you could make your own characters and let them talk to each other. On go animate it gave you the option to make your own character or you could use some of there characters. You can also let the characters talk to each, and you can add a setting with props. I really liked go animate.
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Career Locker

Career Locker was one of the best apps because we got to pick what job we want to have when were older. You could see how much money you get a year if you are a athlete or whatever job you want to be when your older and you get to see how long you have to go to collage for that job.
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