Dina Shbeita

Tokyo, Japan

Airfare cost and schedule

Two people: Cost: $2,175 - Economy

Sunday, April 6 - Sunday, April 20

Denver depart - Sunday, April 6: 12:30p

Tokyo, Japan arrival - Monday April 7: 3:25p


Tokyo, Japan depart - Sunday, April 20: 5:00p

Denver arrival - Sunday, April 20: 12:50



I traveled all the way to Tokyo, Japan from April 6, to April 20th. I recommend The Prince Park Tower Tokyo for a great place to stay.

There is a wonderful room with two large beds that welcomed me as I entered the spacious room. The flat screen TV is a perfect match against the window that shows all of Tokyo. The luxurious restroom holds a clean sink and shower for the richest of tastes. The couch and layout of the room make it almost impossible to not feel welcome and at home.

The best part is the great view of the city. Right outside the window there is the large glowing city of Tokyo. With all of the glowing lights, tall buildings, and glowing jumbo tron screens beaming with ads, night almost feels like day. In certain rooms something similar to the Ifle tower is right outside. The view is best at night.

There is even a fitness center. Usually I see people walk in the fitness center and walk right into the spa. For so many people to go there after a work out, it must be pretty relaxing. The hotel only hires the best of people to make your trip even better, it sure made mine better.This hotel is filled with so many amazing things that it could take a whole trip to explore it. It has 4.5/5 stars for a reason.

Anyways I have a couple friends in Tokyo and I wanted to take them to a place with delicious food, The Prince Park Tower Tokyo has that covered. Inside the hotel there is a steakhouse that serves Kobe beef that is so delicious!

One of my favorite parts of the hotel was the free wifi. The best part however, is the service. The people there are so warm and kind. The concierge always tried his best to book reservations for me. Not to mention the great room service provided by the hotel. The welcome to the hotel is amazing. I finally know how to live like royalty.

(2 people) From Sunday, April 6 - Sunday, April 20: $216




In all TV shows I have ever seen in at least one episode where there is a sumo wrestler. Well, in Japan they are actually real. There is a Tokyo Sumo Wrestling Tournament, which is interesting, considering I don't like sports and I have never seen things like this outside of the USA. Anyways, when I walked in it wasn't like the sumo tournaments on TV. There was an opening ceremony to welcome everyone to the tournament. The match was incredible, but even after the tournament was done I got to have a traditional Chanko dinner. This is a good enough experience for me, I never thought I would want to book a reservation for something like this.

Cost for 1 person - $98



I love watching anime shows. It's one of the only things I watch. Now if anyone loves anime as much as I do then this will be an amazing thing to attend. This museum shows how animation shows are made. The museum had exhibits based on each stage of the animation process. There was even a short film by a director of an award winning film "Spirited Away". Throughout the museum there was ghibli characters to make children's experience even better. At the end of the tour there was a restaurant and gift shop to grab souvenirs.

Cost for 1 person - $60



On this luxurious cruise I will get to eat a special Japanese cuisine. This cruise will supply the best meal. On this dinner I got to choose from a selection of soups, salads, fish and meat dishes. Afterwards there are deserts with the option to have tea or coffee. This ship is spacious and elegant. During the cruise I got to get a glimpse of Tokyo Disneyland.

Cost for 1 person - $140


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

I expect TWO huge problems for me on this trip.


PROBLEM - In any trip there is always a problem, and this is usually it. Especially in Tokyo, if anyone is out sightseeing , walking on the streets, there will be pickpockets. Tokyo, Japan is like New York. There was a flood of people, one of them is bound to attempt to steal money.

SOLUTION - A solution to this would be to keep half of my money in my bag and keep the other half in my pocket. That way if someone pickpockets me or takes my bag, only half of my money , at most, will be lost. "If you’re using traveler’s checks then write down their serial numbers, and date and location of issuing agency." And if I find out that I lost my traveler checks or it was stolen, I will just report this and the information to the agency and it will most likely be replaced in as soon as possible.



PROBLEM - Missing a flight can be due to so many things. This can mess up everything.

SOLUTION - I would just tell the airport about the problem and work with them to find a later flight. There may be a re-booking fee. Eventually I would get another flight.



I was on this trip from April 6th to April 20th. Of all the places I could have gone to, I chose Tokyo. I stayed at the luxurious Price Park Tower Tokyo. The flight had no stops, neither did the flight to coming over here. I decided to take public transportation since it is cheaper, and I don't have to wait for the private transportation to get here. I enjoyed all of the activities and seeing new things. My itinerary was a dinner cruise, a seat for a sumo tournament, and an amazing anime museum tour. The thing that tied this trip together was the hotel. It made everything 10 times better since I could have a nice rest afterwards. Every time I turned the corner I saw and discovered something new.