Water Pollution

Cleanin up this water

Changes need to happen

1.India- In 1993 the world health org. reported that out of 3,119 out of 209 had parietal sewage treatment favorites and only 8 of them had full sewage treatment plants.

2.Africa-783 million people do not have access to clean water .37% of them are from sub-saharan Africa.

3.China-Nearly 60% of chinas underground water is polluted and undrinkable.


1. They need to first be able to identify that they are drinking dirty water that can make them sick or die.

2. They need to find the point source of there water pollution what is in the water,

human waste, sewage, or factories dumping chemicals into the water.

3.The countries that are more developed should be helping the less developed countries with stoping big companies from dumping in there rivers lakes and streams and help them build treatment plants.