Germany's Empire

by Hope and Mckenna and Corey

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Step 1

In order to take over Poland we will need more land first in march we will get Chez republic the way we will get Chez republic is we will go in through our border we share and through the Elbe river with our boats.

Step 2

We will wait in till May to get Austria with the help of Italy and we can corner them and we will go in through the Danube river to surprise them and we will also come in from our border we share.

Step 3

Then we will wait till June to get Slovakia the way we will attack Slovakia is through the Danube river from there it goes past Slovikas and Hungarians border also we will attack Slovakia through the Austrian border.

Step 4

Then in July we will get Hungary we will go through the Danube river with our boats Slovikas border and Austria's border we will take 25 % of our boats.

Step 5

Now we get Poland we will first bomb their airports so they can't get out.

Step 6

We take our ships go through the older river also go off our port and stop them from trying to leave at the Baltic sea go through the Wisla river through Poland attack there go in through all the borders we share and get Italy to help.

Step 7

China is trying to take us over we ask Japan to help us to try and stop them from coming
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Step 8

We are going to try and convince japan not to bomb pearl harbor we will tell them that it is a nice idea to take away there air planes but that they probably have more and if they did than they would come for them or us first so then we can the united states is out of the war so they don’t come fight in world war two and we can win.

They finally agreed with us.

Step 9

We are going to Bomb Russian air ports so they cant bomb ours.

Step 10

We convince Belarus to be our allies so we can fight Russia together we tell them that if we don't act now that they will just get taken over and a lot of there good men will die so we asked them if the want Russia taking them over or if they want to be friends with us or be taken over?

They said that they would be happy to help us fight Russia.

Step 11

Attack the little part of Russia above Poland.we will attack it through our border we share and the Baltic sea.

Step 12

Now we have made Russia mad we ask Italy our allys to come help us fight.

step 13

Since we have bombed their airports we go in through airplanes and drop 3 bombs one on their capital Moscow one to the left and one to the right.
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if nazi germany won ww2
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