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Thoughts Behind a Newsletter

The Capital Warrior Battalion at IUPUI has been training future leaders of the United States Army since 1980. Through the years, hundreds of Second Lieutenants have commissioned from this program and have gone on to serve honorably in the Army. The Cadets and Cadre of the Capital Warrior Battalion are interested in seeking out and connecting with alumni of the program, while keeping them in sync with the various events that are held each semester. We hope that this newsletter will serve as an easily accessible source of Capital Warrior Battalion news. "First to lead, second to none!"
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MSIV Cadets Receive Branch Assignments

On 17NOV2015, Cadets received their branch assignments from Cadet Command. As commissioned Officers, they will spend the next 3-6 years serving on Active Duty, in the Army Reserve, or in the Army National Guard. Listed below are the branch assignments for the May 2016 graduating class:

CDT Agbonhese- Quartermaster

CDT Allard- Nursing

CDT Beasley- Armor

CDT Downing- Nursing

CDT Filosa- Medical Services

CDT Flynn- Transportation

CDT Kalnajs- Engineer

CDT Koenig- Armor

CDT Loechle- Engineer

CDT Preecs- Chemical

CDT Reed- Field Artillery

CDT Parson- Infantry

CDT Robertson- Military Intelligence, branch detail Infantry

CDT Ryan- Nursing

CDT Shanklin- Finance

CDT White- Armor

CDT Woodruff- Nursing

Congratulations to all of these Cadets on their hard work over the past 4 years! We look forward to seeing what all will accomplish in your new roles as leaders of the Army.

ROTC to Celebrate 100th Anniversary

On June 3rd, 2016, the United States Army will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Army ROTC. Over the past 100 years, Army ROTC has produced over 600,000 Officers that have gone on to serve in the United States in all branches of the Army. In fact, over 60% of all current active duty Officers are ROTC graduates.

The Capital Warrior Battalion will be celebrating this special anniversary during the weekend of September 24th-25th 2016 in conjunction with the IUPUI Regatta and the Capital Warrior 10 Miler. The event will include JROTC Cadets from a local high school as well as any alumni who are interested in celebrating with us. More details to follow but mark these dates on your calendars and we look forward to welcoming you back for this special event!

Check out the video below of MG Peggy C. Combs, Commanding General U.S. Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox, KY, as she speaks about the 100th Anniversary.

MG Combs 100th Anniversary

Fall Leadership Development Exercise at Camp Atterbury

The Capital Warrior Battalion spent 3 days this fall putting all of the skills and knowledge from the semester's Labs and Military Science classes to the test. Cadets traveled south via UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to Camp Atterbury where they participated in several training events including Swiss seat tying and rappelling, M16 group/zero and qualification, a field leadership reaction course, and a land navigation course. The purpose of the Leadership Development Exercise (LDX) was to provide Cadets with opportunities to develop and exercise critical thinking skills, improve proficiency Warrior Tasks, and to demonstrate leadership abilities while increasing their adaptability and resilience! Check out pictures below from the LDX.

Battalion Hosts Second Annual Capital Warrior Ten Miler

On 11OCT2015, the Capital Warrior Battalion put on a 10 mile race in downtown Indianapolis. The race was conducted on the same day as the popular Army Ten Miler held in Washington, DC and offered a local, affordable alternative. Almost 200 participants raced along the canal in several events including the 10 miler, 10 mile ruck, 10K, 5K, and 2.5K races. Through the race, we were able to raise money for the program to fund events like the fall Dining-In and the spring Military Ball. Thanks to all alumni who provided donations to the race and made this event possible. If you would like to contribute to next years event, please refer to the Contact Us portion of this newsletter.

2015 Fall Dining-In

Every fall, the Battalion comes together for dinner and a night of fostering camaraderie and esprit de corps. This semester, the Dining-In was held on 04DEC2015 at the Primo Banquet Hall in Indianapolis, IN. Events for the night included a motivating speech by MSIV CDT Grant Koenig, skits by all 4 platoons, and a very memorable grog bowl ceremony. This night was a great way to end a semester of hard work and dedication by the entire Battalion. Check out the pictures below!

Intramural Basketball Team Goes to Quarterfinals

This past semester, the Capital Warrior Battalion basketball team competed in the intramural league at IUPUI. The team practiced in the early mornings before PT and worked hard all season long. They ended the season with a respectable 3-1 record after winning their way to the quarterfinals of the intramural tournament. Several Cadets who were not on the team showed their support by cheering at the games and making signs to encourage the team. We are already looking forward to the next intramural season!
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Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to connect with the Capital Warrior Battalion, please contact Mr. Jerry Barker at or 317-274-0073. Also, check out the new social media pages below so you can receive the most up to date information about the CWB.