Raining Sharks

By Taylea Mills

It's a bird,It's a plane,It's a shark!?

A normal day of golf about 5 miles from the ocean at the San Juan Capistrano,California. A bird swoops overhead. All of a sudden it's raining sharks. A eight pound leopard shark drops in front of your swing. Just when you think it's safe to touch because it's dead. It begins to flop around. It's Alive!!!!!

Random Facts

Leopard Sharks can grow to be about 5.9ft long and can weigh up to 41 lbs. This shark must have been a baby. They get their name from their spotted design. Known to rarely attack humans. They aren't as dangerous as people think. This bird must have thought this little shark was a fish and trying to kill it dropped it. When McCormic went to pick it up it began to flop.

The bird was too afraid to pick it back up. It must have known it was a shark or got scared from all the people. It sure seems impossible for sharks to fly. But on October 22, 2012 this little leopard shark didn't just learn to fly. But to stay away from birds. He suffered from deep wounds. But he is still alive and well. They returned him back home. How the shark survived is unknown. But who would have thought that a bird could pick up a shark that big. But it happened.