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¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Alyssa on her RLC submission!

If you did not do well on this and Sra. K asked for more detail, have a look at this example of what would be rated high at this point. This is thorough and was submitted with a photo of two complete pages of very organized hand written notes she had taken during the RLC.


1. February 2, 2016 at 3:30 pm

2. Senora Kilburn

3. – Reflexive verbs are the verbs that allow you to talk about actions done in the past or for describing what people are doing

- Looked at reflexive pronouns (me, te, se, nos, os, se)

- To figure out which pronoun you use you have to look at the verb ending to figure out what the conjugated ending will be

- In Spanish you have to put the el, la, los and las in front of a body part

- Learned the preterit tense of tener (had) (tuve, tuviste, tuvo, tuvimos, tuveis, tuvieron)

- Era and Eran are the singular and plural words for singular he was or plural they were

- Went over Adverb vocabulary to show how often something occurs

- The more variety of a vocabulary that you use, the better the grade that you are going to get

- Difference between tocar (to touch – instrument) and jugar (to play – sports)

- Reviewed this units vocabulary and how to use the right form of it in a sentence

4. When do you use the endings such as –aste, iste, aron, leron, amos and imos?

5. I need to work on being able to use a wider variety of vocabulary as well as being able to more quickly recall the current vocab.

6. I plan on going through the Quizlet more deeply for learning a wider variety of vocabulary as well as rewatching/revisiting different activities for this unit.

7. The feedback that I get on my final projects is awesome in being able to help me to address these issues. That is currently the only thing that I can think of as a way to help me right now.

Check out the rubric again to see how this matches with the proficiency ratings:

How did I do? Speaking

Here is the same for speaking. Remember this is on the 7pt but you will be graded on the 10pt. scale.