Ancient Egypt

By Cameron


Giza is home to the Pyramids of Giza which were built in 2560bc and also the Sphinx built in 2500bc. They are both wonders of the world and are protected and still standing till today. They were all built by Pharoah Khufu and had a population of 2.6Mil

Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings was built in 1539-1075 B.C. and was made by many Pharaohs and wealthy nobles for the Pharaohs. But nearly all the tombs seem to be robbed but some treasure lays deep in the tombs untouched by anyone for years. One more fact we found was that one tomb was flooded during a rainstorm and has been replicated today.

Valley of the Queens

The Valley of the Queens was built in 1570-1070 B.C. by the same people as the valley of the kings but for the Pharaohs Queen. Unlike The Valley of the Kings The Valley of the Queens weren't all buried with treasures which was lead to not as many robbers snooping around. And it is not only for the Pharaohs queen it was for his children as well as there is princess and princesses.

Why The River Nile is so Important?

The Nile river is very important to the Egyptians because it provided food,water,transport and crops that are all very important for someone's survival back then. Even though the river Nile once a year destroyed all there crops they got more crops then they usually lose or the farmers timed when they wouldn't plant their crops so they don't lose any crops.

Map Of Ancient Egypt

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