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Superintendent's Corner

A Message from Dr. Baugh

The greatest resource any school district has is its people. Centennial, like many school districts, has no shortage of people that are making a difference in our student’s lives. I thought it would be nice to get to meet some of the folks who are making a difference in our district. These people bring deep wells of passion, innovation, and heart, as well as knowledge, insight, and grit to the craft of teaching.

Some of the things we are learning these days from our top researchers are that many of the things we thought were fixed are, in fact, highly malleable. We used to think IQ was a fixed number, but we have have learned in recent years that it can change and improve dramatically . We used to think that people were either pushovers, tough, or somewhere in between. We have since learned grittiness is something that can be taught and developed. At the end of the day, scientists have made it abundantly clear that good learning is the result of certain principles that we might think are common sense. It was not always the case.

Over the next year or so, I am going to take the opportunity to introduce you to a number of educators that exemplify innovative and dynamic teaching; the results speak for themselves.

Our first candidate is perhaps one of our humblest teachers and most dynamic classroom advocates one could hope to meet. Mr. Ignaciao Jayo has been teaching in our district for twelve years. He teaches Honors Anatomy and Physiology, a biology class specifically designed and created for our English language learner, and Genetics of Cancer. Mr. Jayo developed this course while working in conjunction with researchers from Fox Chase Cancer Center. His students thrive in his classroom. To spend time in the classroom is to spend time in a room of dynamic give and take. Mr. Jayo, otherwise known as Jayo, to his friends, colleagues, and students, is always on the move. His classroom is routinely one of hands-on engagement in the activity of the day. Students are often engaged in original hands-on research that goes well beyond merely solving the problem of the day.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the classroom experience is how Jayo has worked to change the classroom experience. No textbook could do justice to the experience his students receive. Over the years, Jayo has become a shameless advocate for students and creator of bridges to new and exciting partnerships that give our students real world experiences. These experiences include engaging in original research with university students and professors; creating and bringing to William Tennent a regional STEM research partnership in conjunction with Fox Chase Cancer Center; and partnering with the Drexel University Medical School where student get to work on anatomy and physiology with real medical students. In addition, a he formed a partnership with St. Joseph’s University where side-by-side with university students, Tennent students do some original research. One of the most innovative aspects of Mr. Jayo is that he does not hesitate to ask for partnerships that benefit the students and overall school community.

One of Mr. Jayo’s seminal projects has been the creation of, with fellow teachers, Ms. Rena Friedant, Mr. Steve Beal and Dr. Albert Catarro, the project known as Centennial X. This project which has rapidly expanded to include multiple school districts is a summer STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) program that exposes students to real world problem-solving. The last two years has seen students presenting capstone projects alongside college students and working professionals at Stanford University's Medicine X conference and Boston’s Disruptive Innovation conference.

In short, Mr. Ignaciao Jayo is the sort of person you want educating your children. His classroom and approach is innovative, collaborative, and in all probability, life-changing. Most of us remember our great teachers and quickly forget the parts of a cell or how to calculate any given function. The great lessons transcend the lesson plan and rise to that of the teacher’s expectations. I am certain that Jayo’s students will not forget the curiosity, innovation ,and team work that this teacher brings to all his classes anytime soon.

District Updates & Happenings

Centennial School District's Hashtag #teamCSD

The Centennial School District has a hashtag so Twitter followers can view all CSD-related topics. Follow us at @Centennial_SD #teamCSD

The End of the School Year Is Near

As students and their families look to the final months of school, here are some reminders about upcoming dates:

Academic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

The Centennial School District's Academic Hall of Fame Induction ceremony will be held on Monday, May 8 at 5:30 p.m. at William Tennent High School in the large group instruction room (second floor).

Fine Arts Festival Week

The Fine Arts Festival Week begins Monday, May 8 and continues through to Friday, May 12. This week is a celebration of the performing and visual arts, and all events are open to the public. The district-wide concerts and art showcase begin at 7:00 p.m. in the William Tennent High School auditorium.

  • Monday, May 8- Orchestra Night
  • Tuesday, May 9- Jazz Band Night
  • Wednesday, May 9- Chorus Night
  • Thursday, May 10- Band Night
  • Friday, May 11- Art Showcase Night

MBIT New Student and Parent Orientation

The Middle Bucks Institute of Technology new student and parent orientation will be held at MBIT on May 18 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Planetarium Show

On Thursday, May 25, the District will host a planetarium show from 7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. at the William Tennent High School planetarium.

Google Chromebook One-to-One Parent Orientation

On Thursday, May 25, Mr. Juliani, Director of Technology and Innovation, will host an orientation for all parents/guardians of students rising to Grades 6 through 12 on the Google Chromebooks. The event will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the William Tennent High School auditorium.

Fifth Grade Parent Orientation

Klinger Middle School and Log College Middle School will host a fifth grade parent orientation, at the respective schools, on Tuesday, May 30 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Senior Awards Night

The Senior Awards Night ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 1 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the William Tennent High School auditorium.

Mr. Tennent

Mr. Tennent will be held on Friday, June 2 from 6:45 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at William Tennent High School auditorium.

MBIT Graduation

The Middle Bucks Institute for Technology's graduation ceremony is Monday, June 5 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.. The ceremony will be held in the William Tennent High School auditorium.

Night of Reflections

The William Tennent High School Night of Reflections celebration will be on Thursday, June 8 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in the William Tennent High School auditorium.


The commencement ceremony for the William Tennent High School class of 2017 will be Friday, June 9 at 4:30 p.m. in the stadium. The rain date is Saturday, June 10 at 10:00 a.m.

Last Day of School

The last day of school for students in Grades Kindergarten through 11 is Tuesday, June 13. This is a half day.

To view the revised District calendar for 2016-17, follow this link:


Lacrosse Is Coming to Centennial

At the April 25 Committee of the Whole meeting, the School Board moved an item from the Operations Committee agenda to the beginning of the meeting. Dr. Andrew Pollock read the motion for the School Board to approve the establishment of the boys and girls lacrosse teams at William Tennent High School. The School Board's unanimous, affirmative vote was met by the applause of the twenty-plus parents and students in the audience.

School Director Jane Schrader Lynch acknowledged the ceaseless efforts of Ms. Cathy Wilson for championing a lacrosse program in the District. Ms. Lynch stated, " I truly hope all your efforts are worth while with a positive vote." For nearly nine years, the District considered the feasibility of a lacrosse program. After the demonstration of support from the parents, students and community, William Tennent High School will build a lacrosse program from a club-level program to a varsity and junior varsity PIAA sport.

The School Board approved $26,000 for the first year of the program. These funds will be used to purchase equipment, field preparation, and coaches' salaries. The District anticipates that the lacrosse program will be PIAA-competitive by 2021.

Required School Immunization Changes for the 2017-18 School Year

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has revised the immunization requirements for students. These new requirements go into effect at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year. Parents/guardians must have all immunizations completed within the first five days of school. Prior to the 2017-18 school year, parents/guardians had eight months to ensure their children had the required immunizations. Students who do not have the required immunizations by the fifth day of school and who do not have an exemption for the immunizations may be excluded from school.

The required immunizations for all students in Grades Kindergarten through 12 are:

  • 4 doses of tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis (1 dose on or after 4th birthday) DTaP
  • 4 doses of polio (4th dose on or after 4th birthday and at least 6 months after previous dose given) IPV
  • 2 doses of measles, mumps and rubella MMR
  • 3 doses of hepatitis B Hep B
  • 2 doses of varicella (chickenpox) or evidence of immunity (History of chickenpox or antibody titer)

Students in Grades 7 through 12 are required to have these additional immunizations:

  • 1 dose of tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis (Tdap)
  • 2 doses meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4)
    (first dose prior to entering Grade 7; second dose by age 16 or prior to entering Grade 12)

The immunizations are required to attend school. Students can obtain an exemption for the immunizations for the following reasons: 1) medical reasons, 2) religious beliefs, or 3) philosophical/strong moral and ethical convictions. Students attending school under these exemptions may be excluded from school should there be an outbreak of any of these diseases.

If the student is in the middle of a dosage series, and it is too soon for the next dose, the parent/guardian must provide the school nurse with a plan for immunizations that is signed by a health care provider within the first five days. This is considered a medical certificate that is required by the state. If the student has incomplete immunizations and no medical plan, the student will be excluded from school.

Parents/guardians may check a student’s school immunization record by logging onto the Skyward parent portal through the school district website at www.centennialsd.org or by consulting with the student's healthcare provider.

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37th Annual Fine Arts Festival Week

Centennial School District's Fine Arts Festival Week begins May 8 and runs through May 12. Each evening is dedicated to a district-wide celebration of the arts. Monday through Thursday is a concert series that features student musicians from Grades 5 through 12. Friday evening features a gallery walk from artists in Grades Kindergarten through 12.

These events are open to the public.

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Staying in Touch with Centennial School District and Your School

School and district administrators use multiple methods of communication for important events, emergency notifications, and general information.

It is important for parents and guardians to update their contact information (telephone number, cell phone number, and e-mail address) in Skyward Family Access to ensure that E-Alert e-mails, text message alerts, and voice recorded messages reach them.

E-Alert e-mail is the main method of communicating pertinent information to students and their families. Text message alerts and voice recorded messages are used for emergency notifications as well as for school absence notifications. Parents and guardians can opt into receiving text message alerts. For more information about Skyward Family Access, follow this link: http://www.centennialsd.org/Page/8401

To stay up-to-date with various events and news about the schools and the District, the community can follow the District on these social media sites:







To watch School Board meetings, student-developed videos, and other events, tune into the District's cable channel: CSD-TV on Channel 36 (Verizon) and Channel 28 (Comcast).

School Board meetings are lived-streamed and can be accessed via the District website the evening of the meetings. Board Meetings live-streaming

District Operations

Kindergarten Registration Is Open

Registration for incoming Kindergarten students for the 2017-18 school year is underway. Students must be five years of age on or before August 31st to register for Kindergarten. In order to register a student, the following documents are required:

  • A birth certificate
  • Immunization records
  • Four proofs of residency

One of the four proofs of residency must be a mortgage statement, deed, agreement of sale, or lease. The three additional proofs of residency may include a utility bill, tax bill, telephone bill, or employee pay stub. Parents/guardians may also provide a report card from a preschool program, but this is not required to register for Kindergarten.

Parents/guardians can register a student online or in-person. For more information about the registration process, visit http://www.centennialsd.org/Page/101 or call the Registrar at 215-441-6000, Ext. 11035.

Inside Schools & Programs

William Tennent High School's 2017 Behind the Lens Film Festival Steals the Stage

At the second annual Behind the Lens Film Festival on April 20, students, parents, and community members watched a collection of student-produced videos. The film festival is a celebration of digital media created by talented digital storytellers from William Tennent High School, Klinger Middle School, and Log College Middle School. Students submitted entries in categories that included silent film, music video, public service announcements, experimental, and narrative. In addition, a new middle school category was included in this year's film festival along with an alumni category for William Tennent High School graduates. Communications and film industry professionals served as judges, awarding a top prize in each category. The film festival was hosted by WMMR's Kathy Romano from the Preston and Steve Show and was produced by Ms. Dina McCaffery, William Tennent High School's digital production teacher.

And the award goes to...

Silent Film

"The Haircut" by Reilly Doughtery, Melissa Govan, Jamie Mengel, and Morgan Sotoloff

Music Video

"I've Got No Reason" by Rachael Hueber, Taylor Risich, and Florencia Minniti

Public Service Announcement

"Nick's PSA" by Jordan Francis, Christian Francis, and Cassidy Kutger

Middle School

"Make a Difference" by Renata Bespartocny and Kayla Moore

"The Note" by Nick Morales, Justin Morris, and Daisy Parra


"Education" by John Newman '16


"Stitches" by Jordan Francis and Dylan Mannon


"Screen" by Michael Albers, Isaac Deerwester, Jordan Francis, Jamie Gensbauer, Dylan Mannon, and Morgan Robertson

Director's Award

"Hunted" by Michael Albers, Isaac Deerwester, Jordan Francis, Jamie Gensbauer, Dylan Mannon, and Morgan Robertson

Watch red carpet highlight below.

film festival

The Philadelphia Eagles Visit Willow Dale Elementary School

The entire Willow Dale Elementary School student body was treated to a special assembly featuring some Eagles cheerleaders and Swoop the Eagle! Physical education teacher, Ms. Tracy Jenkins, applied for an opportunity to have fourth and fifth graders participate in an activity co-sponsored by The American Heart Association and the NFL. Fuel Up and Play 60! is a nationwide effort to inspire students to make healthy food choices and to exercise (play) for at least 60 minutes a day. Throughout the month of April, Willow Dale fourth and fifth grade friends kept a journal of their physical activities. Thanks to the Eagles and to Swoop, the students learned the importance of making healthy choices and exercising so that they grow up to do and become anything they want in life.

The Lion King Kids at Willow Dale Elementary School

Nearly 100 fourth and fifth grade students took to the stage to put on an absolutely incredible kids version of The Lion King. The one-hour musical wowed the audience, both during the in-school performance, as well as the highly attended evening performance on April 28. Mr. Woody Martin, fourth grade teacher and director, along with Mrs. Alexa Angelitis, first grade teacher and co-director, spent months and many hours working with a dedicated team of faculty and staff, as well as parents, to help make the performance come to life. "We couldn't be more proud of these boys and girls", said Mr. Martin. He couldn't be more correct! In addition to the time and commitment of the Willow Dale community, many students and educators from MBIT's cosmetology department assisted on the day of the performance to complete each character's look with top of the line makeup artistry! Another display of community commitment comes in part from the Centennial Education Foundation, an organization that helps Centennial schools and teachers to provide diverse opportunities to meet the needs of students through academics, athletics and the arts. The Willow Dale community is already looking forward to next spring's musical, Aladdin!

William Tennent High School Students Win the TMA Bucks Teen Driver Safety Video PSA Challenge

William Tennent High School students Ashton McGovern, Lindsay Snock, Elisse Hanssen and Evan Hutton created a public service announcement as one of their assignments in Ms. McCaffery's Digital Production II class. Public service announcements, or PSAs for short, are short videos that inform the audience about public health and safety issues. The messages in the PSAs are not new news. They are about the importance of wearing a seat belt or driving responsibly, etc. However, the art of creating a PSA that can truly resonate with an audience, and hopefully change behavior, is that it has to conjure and emotional response so powerful that it can actually change behavior.

"Drive Responsibly" not only caught the attention of the audience during the 2017 Behind the Lens Film Festival this year. It also won the acclaim of the judges for the TMA Bucks Teen Driver Safety Video PSA Challenge that is co-sponsored by Comcast and The Intelligencer and Courier Times. "Drive Responsibly" by Ashton McGovern, Lindsay Snock, Elisse Hanssen, and Evan Hutton depicts scenes of teens coming home to their dogs after a night out with friends. In the last scene, a dog waits by the door for his companion who presumably will not be coming home due to a drinking and driving accident.

William Tennent High School will receive a $500 grant, and the PSA will air on the Comcast network.

Wiliam Tennent High School Safe Driving PSA Entry 2017

Camp Invention Returns for the Summer of 2017

Centennial School District is excited to sponsor Camp Invention for a second time this upcoming summer. Last year, over 50 students participated in the camp. Camp Invention is open to students from ages 6 to 12. This year, the camp will run for one week, July 10-14.

Camp Invention is a different type of camp experience for students. Working in groups, students will create inventions to solve problems, using their creativity and problem-solving skills. Students will use what they have learned in science, technology, engineering, and math in a whole new, and fun, way.

For more information, visit http://campinvention.org/

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Letters from Students

Celebrating Shakespeare

We all know him - that face, his plays, his writings, William Shakespeare. His use of Elizabethan words, comedy and innuendos is simply hard to forget. Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream are just a few of the well-known favorite plays.

To honor this genius, the William Tennent School Library hosted a Shakespeare Birthday Party for his 453rd birthday. The event took place on Friday April 21st and was organized by the school librarian, Mrs. Cloutier. William Tennent English classes were able to dress up in fancy cloaks and feathered caps, and take Shakespeare “selfies”or use Elizabethan words to create their own sonnet.. A favorite activity was the Shakespeare Insult Ring where a student chose a Shakespearean quote to insult a classmate or teacher in an amusing and safe way. The library’s atmosphere was transformed into the Elizabethan era, as classical music softly played. Overall, the party was a fantastic celebration, bringing students together for a fun learning experience.

This party honoring Shakespeare proves that the Bard’s popularity has transitioned into the everyday life of American citizens as well. Shakespeare has become quite the salesman; he advertises everything from Coca Cola, to iPhones, to Marlboro cigarettes. According to the Folger Shakespeare Library, Shakespeare’s face appears on various advertisements. In fact, his picture first appeared in an ad for a stationery business in 1787. Currently, the Apple Company has made a spin off of Romeo and Juliet as an ad to promote one of their new iPhones. If Apple is using Shakespeare, then that just shows how famous he is and how much of an impact he makes to the advertising industry. The play connects universally with audiences today because of themes and character emotions like jealousy, love, anger, fear, mistrust, and happiness. Because he promoted his own acting company and plays so well, his brand still lives on, making his name a useful marketing tool.

Promoting Shakespeare’s legacy, William Tennent High School will host the first ever Bucks County Shakespeare Festival, on Tuesday, May, 30th. Several local schools will come to Tennent to perform a scene from one of Shakespeare’s many plays. Professional actors from Philadelpia’s Arden Theatre will work with all students in workshops to improve their acting techniques. We are excited to see Shakespeare alive and well in 2017!


Jenna Rodebaugh

William Tennent High School

Grade 10

Davis Elementary School Students on the Hunt for Success

On April 6, 2017, members of the William Tennent High School National Honor Society and National English Honor Society, along with the assistance of Davis Elementary School's assistant principal, Dr. Devitt, organized a literary-themed egg hunt extravaganza in the Davis library for all the children to reward them for being so cooperative and dedicated throughout the year. William Tennent students dedicated their time once a week to tutor children at Davis since mid-December to help them in subjects ranging from math to vocabulary.

The Davis students searched for eggs with hand-decorated collection bags that were made by the tutors themselves. These hidden eggs were later used for a word-matching literary game. They had a ball! Their excitement was obvious as they ran around hunting for eggs. They did an “egg-ceptional” job putting the pieces together and finding almost all of the words within the time limit.

The minds behind it all, Vanessa Lakatosh and Ivory Fox, two student officers from the National English Honor Society, showed how much they enjoyed working with elementary students, and they did an incredible job organizing such a fun, educational, and interactive activity. After the literary scavenger hunt, Davis and William Tennent students shared celebratory pizza while chatting, bonding, and saying goodbyes at the end of another successful tutoring year - truly an experience to remember.

Mr. Newman, a William Tennent English teacher and the school’s advisor the National English Honor Society (The Literati), gave his comments on the experience: “It is priceless to see the bonds formed between the younger kids and their high school tutors. I’m confident that both groups walked away with immense pride in what was accomplished this year. They deserve this celebration for all of their hard work, and I’m really impressed with how meaningful and organized this time has been. Our hope is that even more students will be involved in years to come.”

An immense amount of time and effort went into this success for the Davis students, and it’s all thanks to the care and support from the tutors, advisors, and most importantly, the children. Tutoring could not be possible without their desire to learn; this day showed how the gift of giving is a beautiful thing. Many more successful years of Davis tutoring are to come. It’s a great opportunity for the high school students and a fun, interactive learning experience for the children.

Sydney Turgyan

William Tennent High School

Grade 12

A Ninth-grader Taps His Way to the Top

“Five, Six, Seven, Eight...one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.” No, this wasn’t my math teacher talking, but the choreographer chanting reminders for us to move our tapping toes in the right directions. For twelve weeks, three hours a day, I learned how to tap-dance, a skill I never thought I could master. On March 31st and April 1st, the cast and crew of 42nd Street impressed audiences with their acting, singing, and dancing.

I had to buy special tan tap shoes, which were very comfortable, despite looking like they were high heels with metal reinforcements. I was really bad at tap-dancing because the moves were too quick, and it was hard to follow all the changes. Fortunately, I learned how to "fake tap-dance," which meant I could move my feet more slowly, so it was easier. When the whole cast was tap-dancing, it sounded like a heavy rainstorm. My friends and family complimented me on my dancing skills; they were under the illusion that I had really learned how to tap-dance. If next year’s musical involves tap-dancing, I know I will be ready to really learn all the moves.

William Tennent High School has offered me a great opportunity my freshman year. During the process of creating the musical, I watched the cast grow, and everyone involved was so caring and thoughtful toward each other. It's really nice to know that my own school has an activity where students can bond with other amazing teens, while expressing ourselves in our state of the art auditorium. The musical and trying to tap-dance has greatly impacted my freshman year, so I am encouraged try new things and to never give up!

Ryan Hall

William Tennent High School

Grade 9

What Mentoring Means to Me?

“Mentor” - an experienced and trusted adviser

Encourages me to Think

Listens to Me

Guides me

Genuinely Cares about me and the Choices I make



Hears Me

Mentoring to me means taking the time to care about someone. To talk, to listen and to be heard by someone.

Often I am not looking for someone to provide me with an answer as much as I am looking to be encouraged to think about the question.

Mentors come in all shapes and sizes.

Decisions in Life are Mine to Make. Mentors just assist me with those decisions!

Savannah Zeaman

McDonald Elementary School

Grade 5


VIP Seating for Graduation

Parents of graduating seniors can enter a raffle to win four VIP seats and reserved parking for graduation. Each chance is $5.00, and proceeds will go to the Centennial Education Foundation. For more information, visit the Centennial Education Foundation website:


CEF Golf Outing

The Centennial Education Foundation is sponsoring its annual golf outing on Monday, June 19 at the Spring Mill Country Club. For more information, contact Ms. Carolyn Fisher at fishca@centennialsd.org

Internet Essentials from Comcast

Your family may qualify for affordable Internet access and a low-cost computer. Please see the brochure below for details. To learn more or to apply, call 1-855-846-8376 or visit InternetEssentials.com.

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Current employment opportunities are posted regularly on the Centennial School District website. Follow this link to learn more about current administrative, teaching, and support staff positions: www.centennialsd.org/jobs

ShopRite's Shop at Home Fundraiser

ShopRite's Shop at Home Fundraiser program is a great way to save time and earn money for the schools and Centennial Education Foundation.
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Centennial School District

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