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What is Jamberry?

Jamberry Nails offers over 300 designer vinyl nail wraps for all occasions.

  • No chipping!
  • No drying!
  • Non-toxic!
  • Lasts 2 weeks on your fingers!
  • Lasts 6 weeks on your toes!

Jamberry can be profitable addition to your business

Cost/Profit Breakdown

Fast application time = more bookings

Each sheet of Jamberry contains enough wraps for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures.

Costs (material + labor):

Cost/Sheet: $11.25 (buy 3 get 1 free)

Tax: $0.73 (6.5% Sales Tax assumed)

Labor: $15/hr

Total Cost: $26.98/sheet


Commission/sheet: $4.5 (minimum of 30%*)

Sale of 1 sheet: $15.98 (6.5% Sales Tax assumed)

Application fee: ~$140 (2 manis/2pedis, $35/application assumed)

Earnings: ~$160.48/sheet


$160.48 (Earnings)

- $26.98 (Cost)


Total Profit: $133.50/sheet ($33.38/application)

*Commission rates increase the more volume you sell further increasing your profit margins.

Rewards Program

Ask me how you can also get free shipping, free exclusive wraps, free and discounted products.

How to get Started

1) Register as a Jamberry Indepedent Distributor

2) Order your inventory

3) Start selling

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