Week 1

Welcome to my class!

Over the next 6 weeks I'm very excited to get to know each and every one of you. The goal of Freshmen Seminar is to give all of you introduction to skills that will help you be more successful in high school. A large task for 6 weeks, but I know all of you will come out this class with a wealth of knowledge and very excited to begin life as a high-schooler

Weekly Topics

Each week we focus on a different topic. These topics are geared toward the skills-sets you will need to be awesome and successful high school students. Take a look below and get a sneak preview of what awaits you in upcoming weeks:

Week 1 - Welcome

Introduce yourself, understand our class expectations, and familiarize yourself with the technology we will be using in this course.

Week 2 - Get Connected

Develop a strong connection to your high school community.

Week 3 - Study Skills

Identify and hone in on the skills for success that impact your academic achievement.

Week 4 - Digital Literacy

Sharpen your technology skills and develop an awareness for digital citizenship.

Week 5 - Careers

Evaluate your interests, skillsets, and consider the reality of careers.

Week 6 - Final Portfolio

Purposefully organize your complete assignments into a digital portfolio and reflect on your progress over the course of this class.

When do I start working?

We will go over details the first day of class. Sunday night, the weekly unit will open up. There will be four tasks each week. You may complete them each day, or at your own pace. During our class meetings we will complete an assessment or in-class activity. All work is due Saturday by midnight. Still confused? Email Ms. Meyer or ask me a question during class.