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Acapulco is located in the lower South West region of Mexico. Sierra Madre del Sur is one of the major mountain ranges in Acapulco and creates the Acapulco Bay. The weather in Acapulco is mostly hot and humid. It usually gets to the high 80's and the low 90's. During the months of November to May is when it is the driest.,+Guerrero,+Mexico/@16.8336281,-99.8626562,5z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x85ca5785aece50c9:0x9801d8f78a90a4e3

Historical facts & Points of interest

Historical facts -

Acapulco was inhabited by the Nahua Indians. Recent studies have shown Petroglyphs which could mean there were even earlier settlements around 3000 B.C

Acapulco ( in words of the Natives ) means " The place were the reeds were destroyed "

Acapulco turned into a vacation destination around the 1920's when the prince of whales visited there on a fishing trip

Points of interest -

  • Acapulco is one of the biggest tourist spots in mexico.
  • It's near the tropic of cancer.
  • The Sinfonia is an outdoor theater that has become less popular with it's age but is a very noticeable monument.
  • El Zocalo is a traditional public square that marks the very heart of Acapulco.
  • Fortin Alverez is a small fortress with colonial style architecture.

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