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November 1, 2018

2017 National Blue Ribbon School

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Shine Today, Shine Tomorrow, & Shine Always!

Schedules for November 7th-9th

Conferences are scheduled for next week so there are a few changes in our daily schedules. Schedules for our scholars on the conference days are listed below to assist you with planning.

  • Wednesday, November 7th- School Doors Open -12:35-4:00. Scholars dismissed at the regularly scheduled dismissal time. No lunch is served. Conferences 4:00-8:00

  • Thursday, November 8th- School Doors Opens at 12:35-4:00. Scholars dismissed at the regularly scheduled dismissal time. No Lunch is Served. Conferences 4:00-8:00

  • Friday, November 9th-- Scholars attend 8:35-12:00. Dismissal begins at 12:00. Lunch is served. Conferences 1:00-4:00

American Education Week - November 12-16

American Education Week (November 12th- November 16th) is right around the corner. During the week our scholars will be learning how important their academic and social growth can be. Public schools are the cornerstone of our communities. We welcome students of all backgrounds, abilities and incomes, and each of us plays a role in ensuring our schools are open to all. This month, during American Education Week, it’s time for us to show our public school pride! The Centerville Elementary Star Scholars will talk about their academic and social growth through a few activities. If you have any questions about the activities please email Mr. Kilduff (

The link contains information for the week. We hope to see you at CES.

Spirit Days for November

November 15- College Day. Wear college apparel (t-shirt, sweatshirt, pants etc.). We want to celebrate our scholar achievements on report card day!

November 16- Let's Celebrate the 50th day of school by wearing clothing from the 1950's. Will there be any poodle skirts and leather jackets?

November 30th- Crazy Sock Day- Lets'g go crazy with the crazy socks.

We will be taking photos for the yearbook on all of the spirit days.

Young Author's Contest Grades 2nd-5th- Deadline November 30th

PTA Fundraiser

Here is the holiday fundraiser if you would like to order.

Please complete the form and send it in with your scholar to add to the PTA mailbox.

Yearbook Contest



Draw, color, paint or craft a picture using shoes to show what you think “The Journey to Being a Good Citizen” is.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Must use the paper provided – available in the front office.

  • Practice first – 1 piece of paper per student please.

  • You may use crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint, glitter, sequins, etc. to create your art.

  • All art work must be done by the student only.

  • First and last name, grade and teacher must be printed on the back of the artwork on the label provided.

  • 6 winners will be chosen – 1 per grade.

  • The winning artwork from each grade will be featured in this year’s YEARBOOK.



Mrs. Susan Welch


Mrs. Lauren Pizzutto


5th Grade Baby Photo

November 1, 2018

Dear 5th Grade Parents / Guardians:

Fifth grade parents/guardians have the opportunity to include a baby photo in this year’s yearbook. We are hoping for 100% participation. This year’s yearbook theme is “A Year in Our Shoes.” We would like to be able to highlight every student in our Fifth grade class. The cost for this is $10.00. (Must be exact cash or check: please make checks payable to CES) The money collected for this project will be used to help defray the cost of the Fifth grade end of the year activities.

Please complete the form below and return it with a baby photo by Friday, December 21, 2018. Send photo and completed form along with payment in a sealed envelope to school. Please label the back of your child’s photo with first and last name. Photos will be returned.

** The picture should be 4 x 6 or smaller and contain only your child. A close-up photo is preferred. Please make sure your photo is clear and printed on photo paper. Photos printed on regular paper will not be used as they do not scan well and are very pixelated. It may be necessary to crop out any backgrounds.


The Yearbook Committee

The form:

Star Awards

Our stars are recognized for their star"tastic" demonstration of great character and star pride at our quarterly Star Pride Assemblies. The first Star Pride assembly will be held on November 15th. If you star scholar will be recognized you will receive an invitation in the mail as we want the recognition to be a surprise to the scholar.

Lost and Found

Our lost and found continues to grow. We have well over 100 items that are unclaimed by the scholars. We will have the items on display during conferences and we ask that you take a peek to see if you recognize any items that belong to your scholar. All items not claimed by October 21, 2018 will be given to a charitable organization.

Few Reminders

  • Pets

Pets are not allowed on school property between the hours of 8:35 am-4:05 am. For the safety of our scholars and the pets please leave them at home if you visit CES.

  • Smoking
Smoking of any kind including Vapor is not allowed on any FCPS school property.
  • Cellular Telephones
We understand that some scholars need a cell to communicate with you on the way to school and when they leave school property. Scholars are reminded that the cell is not to be used during the school day. If the cell is seen by the teacher it is will be confiscated and the parent will have to make arrangements to pick up the cell at school.

November Calendar

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