Working with Words

4th Grade Lessons and Stations

October 26, 2015

Vocabulary and Spelling

Reading/Vocabulary Development

4.2A determine the meaning of Latin, Greek, or other linguistic roots and affixes (RS)

4.2B context of the sentence to determine meaning of unfamiliar words or multiple meaning words (RS)

4.2E use a dictionary or glossary to determine the meanings, syllabication, and pronunciation of unknown words (RS)

Vocabulary for 2 weeks

Spelling for 2 weeks

  • Spelling is specific to the TEKS in 4th grade
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Word Sorts

  • Open Word Sorts
  • Closed Word Sorts

Ask students different questions to consider when working with these words:

1. Why did you sort these words this way?

2. What was the reason you organized these words this way?

3. What other ways can you organize these words?

4. How are these words related?

5. Are there other connections with vocabulary you see when you look at these words?

6. Do these words have root words or affixes?

7. Which words are nouns, predicates, adjectives, adverbs?

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CLOZE Procedure

This refers to "reading closure" practice.

Teachers use this to model problem-solving reading strategies such as:

  • Visual Cues
  • Sight and/or Speaking Vocabulary
  • Prediction Skills
  • Cross-Checking Skills
  • Language Structure Cues
  • Background Knowledge to predict unknown words

What are affixes?

Look at the Power Point for some ideas!

Anchor Charts for the Week

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Word Wall Words

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Connections / Assessments:

  • Divide & Conquer
  • Breaking Words Apart
  • Odd Word Out
  • Matching
  • Combine & Create
  • Read and Reason
  • Solving Riddles
  • Many More

Literacy Stations / Independent Activities

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Upcoming Professional Development Session

  • November 14 - Super Saturday "Planning Units of Study for 3rd 9 weeks
  • December 10 - Reading: "4th Grade Bloggers" Readers Response Blog
  • January 11 - 4th Grade "Using Fun Size for Academic Writing"