In the colonial time most people have indentured servants, slaves, and house servants. Slaves were owned by a planter and worked with no pay. Many house servants started working at a young age. Many slaves were purchased at a slave action. Those are very special servants in the colonial days.

Slavery In The Colonial

Slaves started working even when they were young kids.Each colony had its own slavery code. What is a slavery code? A slavery code was made up of laws that CONTROLLED activities of slaves going somewhere. Slaves were owned by a planter and worked with no pay. The PLANTERS provided with food, shelter, and clothing for the slaves. Did you ever wounder when colonist started using slaves? Well, colonist started using slaves from Africa in the early 1600's. Slaves who ran away usually were found and usually beaten so they would never run away again. Also, slaves started working at a young age until they died. Three reasons why planters wanted slaves First, so they didn't have to do work Second, they needed more people to help on the plantions Last, the planters were too lazy the slaves didn't hurt them or anything.

House Servants

House servants worked around the house all day made food, cleaned and got no pay. House servants lived and worked in homes of slave owners, Have you ever wondered when house servants started working? House servants started working at five years of age and worked 17 hours a day. Many house servants slept on pallets or mats on the stairs. All house servants were responsible for cooking, cleaning, spinning, weaving, sewing, gardening, and a lot of running around, Some house servants worked full time on just one person. House servants didn't have to go outside to plant they had to work inside. Three reasons why house servants were important in the colonial days, First, they can do cleaning, Second, they can take care of their owners kids, Third, they can make food for the families when ever.

Slave Families

Slaves were really scared that their family would be spread apart. Slaves were bought, sold, and traded by colonist, Did you know that many slaves were purchased at a slave action? When slaves were purchased many slaves were taken away from their family. Once slaves arrived at their owners house they were expected to many different kinds of work. Slave families lived with CONSTANT fear by thinking family members would get sold or hired. Three reasons why slave families were split up first, their might not be enough room Second, they would not do work Third, they would run away together and the planter would have less help.


Slaves are really were really important to planters back in the colonial day because people had cash crops fields and they needed help. Also, slavery in the colonial time was very common because people needed help. Then, house servants were very important too because they cleaned the planters house and made food for them. Eventually, slaves were separated from their family. Slavery ended in 1863 because people thought it was wrong.


Constant: Means it keeps on happening over and over.
Controlled: mean that someone has everything handled.
Planter: A person in charge of slaves and of the plantion.


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