By Sophie Jordan

Quote: "HIs hand on my arm tightens. 'They would hurt you?' I shiver, thinking of the wing clipping they planned for me. I closed my hand over his, force his fingers to loosen their grip. 'No. Not like you think. They just want to plan out my life for me.' I think of Cassian and shiver again. 'Own me".

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Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Genre: Fantasy

Slogan: Don't own a person's life just because they are unique.

People should believe the important message that I expressed my thoughts based on my IRB book (Firelight by Sophie Jordan). If someone planned out your life, they would own you. It wouldn’t fair for the person who’s life have been planned just because of your talents and how you’re special. Based on my book, Jacinda is the only fire-breather draki-fire-breathers were thought to be extinct. However, Jacinda is the only one in generations. Her pride had already planned her life already. Even her friend persuaded to come back to the pride that she left. She refuses to obey him and doesn’t want to leave-she likes the where she and wants to stay there. In my advertisment, my quote states that the Jacinda says that she knew what her pride already planned her life and is trying to stay away from them.