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EduCanon - Yes They Are Changing Their Name & Please Log In Like This

Many of you have noticed that EduCanon is undergoing a name change to playposit. Rest assured that they are still the same company with the same people. The name change was necessary to avoid confusion with another company. You and your students can still get to all of your lessons by going to

Another issue that has popped up (I sent out an email about this earlier) is that students are logging into EduCanon (playposit) without logging into their Google accounts first. PLEASE make sure that students login as show in the video below (START AT 4:54 TIMESTAMP) or two accounts are created for them which causes confusion since the student exists twice! At the end of this nine weeks I asked EduCanon (playposit) to delete all student accounts that are not associated with a Google account for us.

To see how STUDENTS should log in GO TO 4:54 TIMESTAMP in the video below.

Students Logging Into EduCanon
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February PD is NEXT WEEK! AHHHH!!!

Be on the lookout for an email with next week's PD offerings! Here are the two new additions up for grabs:

Google Maps - At TCEA 2016 this year I was overwhelmed by all of the classroom uses for Google Maps. I had NO IDEA the extent to which teachers use Google Maps in their classrooms. It is truly amazing, and it's NOT just for social studies teachers!

Google Read & Write - ELAR teachers have already have the opportunity to be trained in this SUPERB Google extension! All HMS students and teachers have access to Google Read & Write (a paid extension for teachers) and the tools it gives us are just wonderful! No matter what subject you teach, you will be able to take advantage of Google Read & Write

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Google Trends & Hot Searches

At TCEA I attended a session on becoming a better Google searcher, and my mind was blown by all of the ways that a person can use Google to find things! Really I could do a full day session on just how to search using Google, but I digress. Click the video below to see Hot Trends one of the many things I learned that just amazed me....but then again I am a Google nerd. SEE VIDEO BELOW! It's 8 minutes, but the tool has so many uses for all classrooms!
Google Trends & Hot Searches