Components that make up a sentence

By: Makinley Kamp

What is a Noun Phrase?

A Noun Phrase is a group of words that is put together that has to have a person, place, thing or idea.

What is a Verb Phrase?

A group of words that are put together, but one of the words in the sentence has to be an action word.

The articles in the English language are...

The articles in the English language are A, an, the. If you don't know what a article is then it means to help define a noun.
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Why is ''I'' a pronoun?

Well first a pronoun is a word that replaces a noun(s). EX: She, He, I, Me, etc.

I is a pronoun because it can replace a persons name.

What is the difference between a linking verb and a action verb?

The linking verb is what time you are doing it, and the action verb is what you are doing at that time or you can say that is your action.
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