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Research shows that a good nights sleep requires a great mattress AND great bedding. Clara Clark bedding is top quality bedding and the feeling of comfort is just what you need to get that great nights sleep. Thread counts run from 820 to 1800 on the products offered. Clara Clark has a reputation for top quality products that do not fade with multiple washing, shrink, rip, and tear. There are multiple colors and sizes to choose from. Product line in sheets, duvet covers and shams, comforters, pillow cases, and bamboo pillows!!! Satisfaction Guarantee.


Our Sheet Series are Top of the Line

Whether you choose from our Signature 820 series, our Supreme 1500, or our Premier 1800... you will feel the comfort and luxury when you climb in and close your eyes for a restful sleep. We also have embossed, bonus, and our Anili Mili Series to choose from.

Sheet sets have deep pockets to fit oversized mattresses, are made of wrinkle free materials, have all around elastic to keep things snug, and are made of fade resistant colors to keep things vibrant for years!


About our Rest Assured guarantee...

At Clara Clark, we strive to preempt the need for warranties by insisting on the highest quality of raw materials and craftsmanship. Yet, while our products need no guarantees, Clara Clark offers the ‘Rest Assured’ promise: If you experience a manufacturing fault such as fading, we’ll credit your account or expedite a replacement sheet set to you.


Our online Party Events are fun and easy. When you book a party event it will run for either 3 or 5 days. We will familiarize your guests with the product line and answer any questions they may have. Orders can be placed at any time during the event for the host or hostess to get credit.

Gifts for Hosting a Party are amazing...

With a $200.00 party event Free set of 1800 thread count sheets (king or queen)

With a $500.00 party event Free set of sheets and a comforter (king or queen)

With a $1000.00 party event $250.00 in Merchandise of your choosing

Any party totaling more than $1500.00 in sales will receive $500.00 in free merchandise

All parties booked from your party will receive the same host/hostess benefits and you will be entered into a drawing to receive free merchandise.