Amelia Earhart

Famous Female Pilot

Life as Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchinson, Kansas. She later grew up to became the worlds most famous known first female pilot. Amelia was very inspiring and set many records for the first female pilot. People loved her and were inspired by her. Tragedy struck however on July 2nd, 1937 when a plane she was flying in route from Lea mysteriously vanished and her remains went undiscovered. The U.S. government spend $4 million searching for Amelia and the plane. Although her death was tragic, her time spent alive not only changed history but changed peoples lives as well. Amelia Earhart was a sensation and will always be a big part of history in the 1920's.

Amelia's Impact

Amelia impacted life in the 1920's in many ways. She was perhaps the worlds most famous female aviator in American History, setting speed and distance records not only for females, but male pilots as well. She was a very brave woman who flew all over the world risking her life to live her dream as a pilot and she succeeded. She inspired people with all her accomplishments and brought the world of flight to whole new interests in peoples eyes. She challenged herself and set standards for herself that no other woman would dared to do. Amelia will be remembered as a very brave and successful woman in history and will never be forgotten.
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Amelia Earhart Documentary

Question 1: What were some of Amelia's goals when she was younger?

Question 2: How did Amelia first become interested in flying?

Amelia Mary Earhart Documentary
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Amelia and her husband, George Putnam enjoying life