Team 8-1 News

Mrs. Groomes, Mrs. Bense, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Wenger

The week of September 27th - October 2nd

Hello Parents! We hope you're enjoying the Southern Fall! Last week there was a little bit of a mix up with the team letters, but team 8-2 covers the same material as 8-1 that is why another letter was not sent out. Here some are important dates to remember this month: October 12th is a teacher work day and October 14th progress reports will go home.

Language Arts- Mrs. Groomes

Our Mastery Assessment will be given on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Students are demonstrating their knowledge of the literary terms through application. Students will read a passage and apply their knowledge by identifying examples of these terms. Our Latin and Greek root words this week are “graph”, “gram”, “scrib”, and “scrip”. Students will receive practice these roots this week so that they will be prepared for their test at the end of next week. We did finish the novel, Empty, last week. Students will create a narrative in which they begin the sequel to Empty. Please ensure your student is reading 20-30 minutes every night. Please feel free to email with any questions.

Math- Mrs. Wegner

We have finished up our Mastery Assessment on our first unit. We are starting our next unit called Geometric Applications of Exponents. In this unit we will be studying everything Pythagorean Theorem! Formula, real-world applications, and it’s converse. The other part of this unit is studying volume. We will be looking at the volume of spheres, cylinders, and cones. We will be looking at how changing one part of the measurement will change the volume. Students will have homework each night this week. I am planning on a quick check Friday of content we have covered so far this week. Please make sure your student has a notebook (either 3-ring binder or spiral) for my class. I am still having students coming to class without one. Some students are also having a problem being prepared with a pencil. Thank you so much. Please email anytime you have a question about homework or content. Looking forward to a great week

Science- Mrs. Jackson

We are finally wrapping up our unit on the periodic table! Students will have a Mastery Assessment next Wednesday, October 7th. We have taken class notes, made foldables, studied vocabulary, and applied what we have learned to prepare them for the mastery assessment. The students will be able to study all of these materials and checkout a book through their teachers if need be. They will also have a mini assessment over what we have covered the last two weeks on Thursday. Please make sure your students are turning their work in on time. On our next unit will cover Matter and Energy.

Social Studies- Mrs. Bense

Students will take their first Mastery Assessment tomorrow in class. They received a study guide and today we played Jeopardy to review. The rest of the week will be spent discussing events that led to the Revolutionary War.

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