Environmental Professionals of Color NYC, WINTER 2014-2015

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In an article written by Brentin Mock that appeared on Grist.org on December 8, 2014 the environmental journalist spells out the necessity of understanding why environmentalists need to engage in the Black Lives Matter movement. The quote that opens our newsletter this year contains a link to read that article and a quote from long time NYC environmental justice activist, Eddie Bautista. While many of us are working to find the words, actions and feelings on the tragic of events of 2014 and into 2015, we must remember the intersections that all social justice movements present. We must remember, given the timeliness of this newsletter coming out so soon after the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday that an "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." In the wake of the Brown and Garner decisions many of us are deeply hurt, saddened, or incensed by the harsh reality of how little Black lives are valued. We are reminded that as an organization for professionals of color we cannot isolate our struggle for diversity and fairness in the workplace from the deeply rooted and enduring impact of racism in and throughout all facets of our daily lives. We have to take this opportunity to recommit ourselves to actively seek change and participate in efforts to help uplift and build our communities. Now more than ever, there is a critical need for us to lead efforts to instill a sense of value and self-worth in ourselves and communities whenever and wherever possible. As we finish the first month of 2015 please join EPOC-NYC as we seek ways to fulfill this commitment through mentorship, social justice activism and recognizing the work and efforts of our members and community leaders.

Sadly but truly, the statement must still be made - BLACK LIVES MATTER.


The People's Climate March in September 2014 was a huge success as thousands converged on NYC for this epic event. We are grateful to all the EPOC NYC members who came out and showed their support and marched with us. In particular many thanks to co-chairs- Donna Hope and Ogonnaya Dotson Newman for the beautiful EPOC NYC Banner they created for us to march under. Check out the photos below.
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International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit comes to NYC

Greening Forward, is a non profit organization run by Charles Orgbon III, a former Co-Chair of the EPOC-Atlanta Chapter. Greening Forward is a youth-driven, youth-engineered organization and is powered by high school and college students from across the United States.

On March 1 - 2, 2015, the International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit will take place at The Point Community Development Corporation in The Bronx, NY. Our Co-Chair, Donna Hope will present on "Diversity & the Environmental Movement", and EPOC-NYC Chapter will table as an exhibitor. We are very excited about our participation and urge you to join us at this event!

Register and get more information here: http://greeningforward.org/IYEYS/

International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit

Sunday, March 1st, 9am to Monday, March 2nd, 8:30pm

940 Garrison Ave


Click here to visit Greening Forwards event page for information about registration, lodging and participation in the event.

Join EPOC's Leadership Circle

We are very excited to continue planning for our upcoming events in 2015. Please click here to indicate when you are available to join us for our bi-monthly planning call. Once you sign up, we will let you know how you can continue to help EPOC-NYC have a greater impact on environmental professionals in our region.

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The Environmental Professionals of Color network is an initiative of the Center for Diversity & the Environment to provide a safe space for connecting people of color across the U.S. to catalyze change by surviving, thriving, innovating, and leading in environmentalism. Join our EPOC National Facebook page.