Maverick Express may 2020


Dear Maverick Families,

I truly hope this message finds our Maverick families well. We all miss the energy that the Spring provides us all, and we truly hope that everyone is safe and learning to adjust to our current reality.

Thank you for your patience as we all learn to navigate our new Remote Learning phase. Our teachers are working hard to provide content and curriculum to keep our students engaged and on the right path toward next year. We realize that this is a work in progress as we figure out what is the appropriate amount of work for students to complete. In some cases, too much work is being given, and in other cases, not enough work is given. We are constantly receiving feedback and adapting our methods to match what we hear from our students and parents. We know most of our students are connecting with the content and with teachers, and we want to continue for that to occur. Please check in with your student to make sure they are accessing Canvas and the content each day. If we notice that a student is not connecting to classes through Canvas or other means, you should receive a call from the teacher or an administrator.

For our junior students and parents, we understand this is also a stressful time as you prepare for college applications and options after high school in the coming year. There are concerns about the lack of letter grades and how this might affect admission, etc. The following is an article in The Washington Post that does a nice job summarizing how colleges are dealing with the pandemic and admissions: “A College Admissions Dean Writes an Open Letter to Panicked High School Juniors.”

May 4th-8th is Staff Appreciation Week. We would normally have many events and treats for our staff during this time. If you have a chance, MPACT sent out a request for short video clips or pics of students and parents expressing appreciation for our staff. I know our staff would love to see and hear how much they are appreciated by our community!

The Oregon Department of Education recently directed all secondary schools (grades 6-12) in Oregon to report class grades using only a Pass or Incomplete scale. As a result, BSD has updated our processes so that any class grade on any transcript for the Spring of 2020 will be displayed as a Pass or Incomplete. The Pass indicates credit earned while the Incomplete communicates that additional evidence of learning is required for the credit. Neither mark has an impact on students’ Grade Point Average (GPA).

In addition, beginning Monday May 4, 2020, all grades displayed in the Synergy gradebook will be calculated using only the Pass or Incomplete Scale. Teachers will continue to provide feedback on assignments using written, verbal, and numerical methods. Teachers will use the standard rubric scores (1-8) for numeric feedback. However, all overall (calculated) grades will be displayed as Pass or Incomplete. The minimum threshold for a Pass is 2.0 on the 1-8 (International Baccalaureate) scale.

Below is a compiled list of answers to many frequently asked questions that we are receiving. As answers become available, we will update this list:


Q: Why can’t my student receive an A-F grade instead of a Passing or an Incomplete?

A: Oregon Department of Education has provided guidance and expectations for school districts. You can read justification for these expectations in great detail here: ODE Guidance.

Teachers will still enter assessments on a 1-8 scale, however, the “grade” will show as a “P” for Passing or an “I” for Incomplete. Students with missing assignments will show as “MI” for Missing Info.

Q: What is the threshold for the Community Service Award?

A: The requirement has been reduced from 200 hours to 150 for seniors and to 175 for juniors. 200 hours is still the requirement for sophomores and freshmen.

Q: When can I clean out my locker?

A: In most cases, we have already bagged locker items and labeled them ready for pick up. To pick up your locker items, email Sue Neeway @

Q: When do I drop off my Chromebook, textbooks, uniforms, etc.?

A: For seniors, we are tentatively planning an event on Friday, June 5th from approximately 11-1 with a similar alpha format to gap and gown pick-up when you can pick up your graduation cords, etc., drop off Chromebooks, textbooks, athletic uniforms, and pick-up Yearbooks.

For 9th-11th graders, the district is still determining whether Chromebook and textbook return will occur in June or in the Fall.

Q: How do I pay any fees or receive a refund?

A: Fees can still be paid through the online system. 2nd semester class fees will be reduced or waived. Credit card payment refunds will automatically occur. Cash or check payment refunds will take longer. If you are unable to access the online system, please contact Bookkeeper Brooks Weishan-Miller @ Athletic fees will be refunded soon. Credit card payments will be directly refunded. Cash or check refunds will take longer.

Q: When do we get our Yearbooks?

A: For Seniors, tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 5th from 11-1. For 9th-11th graders, it may be the that following week, or it may not be until we return.

Q: What is the date to pick up extra Graduation regalia?

A: Tentatively, Friday, June 5th from 11-1. More details to come.

Q: When will I know if I received the Mav Scholar or Community Service Award?

A: This will be part of our regalia pick-up and a planned virtual Senior Awards ceremony in early June. We are currently reviewing applications and transcripts

Q: How will we be notified about a potential Graduation Ceremony?

A: Be on the lookout for information about Graduation very soon. Seniors and their parents will be contacted through Canvas, SchoolMessenger, and social media.

Q: How do I get a cap and gown refund?

A: Contact Jostens directly: or 1-800-JOSTENS

Q: What about Grad Night? Will there be one, and if not, how do I receive a refund?

A: The Grad Night Committee is determining whether a later date can be held or whether it will be canceled. Refunds will be processed through MPACT if a cancellation occurs.

Q: Will there be a Senior Prom?

A: See below in the Leadership section related to potential Prom Info.

Q: How do I get a lunch money refund:

A: Email

With the info below :

  • Student account : name /ID
  • Refund requested $
  • Payee name (for check payable to)
  • Phone #
  • Address where the refund can be mailed

It might take 4-6 weeks due to the remote work and since CO has reduced their check run to once a week.

Refund info is also available through our NS website: Nutrition Services

Thank you for partnering with us during this time. We truly hope that our MHS families are safe and healthy.

If you have questions, you can reach me via email at:

Sue Neeway is my amazing principal’s secretary, and she can be reached through the Mountainside Main Line at 503-356-3500 or by email at

The best way to obtain information currently is to follow us on

Facebook at:

Twitter: @mountainsidehs

Instagram: @mountainsidehs


summer school

Summer School Update

Good News!! There will be Summer School this year for Mountainside HS!

Summer school will be online using distance learning similar to current COVID practices.

  • Start: June 29, 2020
  • Stop: July 30, 2020

Monday through Thursday

We are still in the construction process of classes and adjusting to our new situation. Please check the Mountainside High School Summer School Page for updated information. Contact the Summer School Coordinator, Steven Sanderson at if you have any questions or concerns.


CONGRATS to our 274 seniors and juniors who completed requirements for the IB exams.

CONGRATS to our 42 seniors who met all requirements for the IB Diploma: 6 IBDP courses & exams; TOK course, presentation, and essay; Extended Essay; and completion of CAS.

Julia Abdoullaeva

Benjamin Amann

Peter Anderson

Sydney Andrus

Emily Becher

Ronan Beckius

Anneliese Bishop-Perdue

Sonya Calendar

Andrew Cao

Chris Cayford

Andrea Danker-Chavez

Tram Do

Wilmer Espinoza

Hallie Feltus

Jayann Franco

Riley Gantman

Paige Hatch

Matthew Kaminski

Vivian Knudsen

Nathan Koga

Allison Lee

Katie Lee

Nicolas Lee

Raymond Lee

Milan Mafinejad

Katelyn Maloney

Leonardo Manzano

Mallory Mao

John Mattingly

Liam McCracken

Kimo McDaniel

Nathan Mescall

Abigail Montgomery

Kaushik Pahuja

Steven Roussinov

Marlon Sawhill Barrios

Aidan Stekloff

Madison Stoehr

Alexandra Surprise

Adam Turner

Katherine Weselak

Kaden Wheeler



Dear Parents and Guardians,

Mountainside High School is an authorized IB MYP World School, and as part of the program all students are asked to complete a Personal Project. These long-term projects are based on student choice and are due in February of the sophomore year.

We understand that families are facing a variety of different circumstances right now, and that a one-size-fits all policy is unwise, but we would like to encourage 9th grade students to begin working on the MYP Personal Project. This might require some creativity and adaptability, but it may be an opportune time to work on a meaningful project. For students who were planning on learning a new skill, like how to play the piano, write code, or knit, the (extra) time we have now could be valuable for practice. For those who had ideas that required more personal or community involvement, we may need to get creative. For example, a student who wanted to teach a dance class might need to make instructional videos. A freshman who wanted to start a community garden may need to work in the backyard instead. Most of the ideas that students generated before school was closed can still work in some fashion.

This could also be a great time for students to consider learning something that will help them - or others - during this global pandemic. Some students may find it very valuable to begin a new exercise routine, learn how to practice mindfulness, or study a new school of philosophy or religion. We support students exploring avenues that may help them with their physical, emotional, social or mental needs. Other students may look at this time as an opportunity to get involved to help others. By investigating the needs of people in our community (and beyond), 9th graders may find opportunities to help others who are struggling at this time. A number of recent articles have been in the news lately about high school students who are finding ways to help; this is perfectly in line with the goals of the Personal Project.

We will continue to send out guidance on the Personal Project throughout the school year. This can be accessed through the Announcements in the MHS Grade 9 Canvas course. You can adjust your settings to receive these as emails if you prefer. We also understand that, for a variety of reasons, some students will struggle to make progress on their projects at this time. We will do everything we can to support these and all other students when they return to school.

Please contact Jeremiah Hubbard with any questions or suggestions at


Yearbook Sales

As we all adapt to change, one thing that remains constant is the yearbook tradition of documenting the history of our students and our school year. We are pleased to announce that we completed the book on April 6 and are eagerly awaiting its arrival sometime after May 29.

Since copies are limited, we ask that you please order your yearbook online as soon as possible. Books are $75 and will remain that price until we run out. Jostens offers a payment plan at checkout for your purchase if you would like to use that option. Go to to purchase your book today.

To double check and see if a book has been ordered for your student, check the list here:

Donate a Yearbook

It would be amazing if all 2020 graduates received a yearbook this year. To date, we have a number of seniors who haven't purchased books. If you are willing and able, please consider purchasing a yearbook that we can donate to a 2020 graduate. Email the Yearbook Advisor, Ms. Noah, for information on how to do this:

Facing Financial Hardship?

For all students, we are offering a scholarship to purchase this year's book. During this time, we know that a number of people are facing financial hardship. Please email your student's counselor for a form to fill out requesting a scholarship. To qualify, you must be part of state or federal financial aid programs or be in a financial crisis due to COVID-19.

At this time, we are unable to offer free books to students in grades in 9-11, but we can offer scholarships.

Yearbook Distribution, Digital Signing Possibilities, and a Note from Ms. Noah

We are hopeful to have an in-person Distribution Day, but this, of course, will depend on information we just don't have yet. We will communicate the plan clearly and efficiently when the decision has been made on how we will get yearbooks to everyone.

Jostens is offering an opportunity for students to digitally sign one another's books. Should we decide that an in-person Distribution Day cannot happen, this is the route we will go. Details will then be provided on how to do this, so stay tuned.

A word from the Advisor, Ms. Noah

Thank you, Mountainside Community, for helping us complete this year's book. Without your support and help, this book WOULD NOT have been completed. The yearbook staff and I are excited for you all to see the book and cherish the captured memories for years to come.

Thank you for continuing to support Mountainside Yearbook.

Ms. Katie Noah



For Immediate Release

Mountainside High School Student Council Earns

National Recognition

Beaverton, OR (April 15, 2020)—For its exemplary record of leadership, service, and activities that serve to improve the school and community, the Mountainside High School student council has been recognized as a 2020 National Council of Excellence by National Student Council (NatStuCo).

“Receiving a National Council of Excellence Award reflects dedication on the part of the school to providing a strong, well-rounded student council program,” said Nara Lee, National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Director of Student Leadership. “NatStuCo applauds the work of the National Councils of Excellence and challenges them to continue their leadership and service to their schools and communities.”

“I can’t express how proud I am of our Mountainside Leadership students and our Student Council who have built an inclusive, hard-working, and service minded program over the three years of existence at our new school!” – Erik Reinholt, Activities Director/Leadership Teacher

“Our mission at Mountainside is to CONNECT-EXPLORE-PURSUE. Our Leadership program, at the direction of Activities Director Erik Reinholt, lives out this mission every day. The Mountainside Leardership program strives to focus on servitude of the students, staff, and the community. They create an atmosphere of strong community, spirit, and positive energy that radiates through the halls.” – Todd Corsetti, Mountainside Principal

To meet the requirements for the National Council of Excellence Award, a student council must meet a variety of criteria. In addition to basic requirements such as a written constitution, regular meetings, a democratic election process, the councils have demonstrated successful sponsorship and participation in activities such as leadership development and service to the school and community. Councils awarded receiving the award have successfully met all required criteria based on standards established by the National Student Council.

Juniors-Link Crew Leaders Wanted!

To those interested in welcoming the class of 2024 to Mountainside consider Link Crew! Link Crew is a peer mentor program where seniors are trained to lead small groups of freshmen for the freshman orientation day and other check-in times throughout the year during Advisory (your class had a little different experience your freshman year with Link Crew since teachers had to lead you through Link Crew activities as we didn’t have any upperclassmen students at our school then). Link Crew is open to all current Juniors (requirements listed on application) and earns you up to 20 service hours as well. Applications are available on Canvas or by clicking on this link- Due by June 5th:

Leadership 2 online application packets new deadline - May 5th

We wanted to give this new process of Remote Learning a chance to settle in and make sure students were getting all of the information they needed, so we extended the deadline for Leadership 2 online packets. The google form has all the same required questions that the hard copy packet did and respondents are expected to answer with the same quality that would otherwise be expected. If you already turned in a hard copy packet you do not need to do the online application.

Link to application:

Running for Class President or an ASB Position?

For those interested in running for ASB President or Class President for their respective grade level, we extended your due dates as well. Make sure to fill out the Leadership 2 Application Packet Each candidate will need to send a digital poster and a two-minute speech/promotional video to Mr. Reinholt by May 5th. In addition to the promotional information, presidential candidates will be required to have an interview via Zoom on May 8th (ASB Directors, ASB Secretary, and ASB Treasurer positions will be contacted directly for interviews for the week of May 18th-22nd). If you are also interested in applying for an ASB Position, you can do so even if running for a presidential position. If you have any questions about elections, feel free to email Mr. Reinholt at


Voting for all presidential positions (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Co-Class Presidents, and Co-ASB Presidents) will occur from May 11th to May 15th through a google form on Canvas and winners will be announced May 18th.

Students will be able to view each candidate's poster and video through Mountainside Instagram, Facebook and Canvas Announcements beginning May 11th.

Mountainside's Got Talent

Due to the circumstances of school being cancelled, we have decided to postpone Mountainside’s Got Talent until next year. We hope to see all of the non-senior acts that signed up this year perform next spring!

Pink Week Shirt Design Vote

Thank you to everyone that submitted a Pink Week shirt design (you will all get a prize- please check in with Mr. Reinholt when school starts). We are now going to have a school-wide poll to see which design will represent Mountainside in the league vote for next fall’s Metro design! Representative students from all of the Metro League schools will be voting for the top shirt design for all of Metro. Please vote on the following link by Friday, May 8th.

Next Year's Spirit Shirt Design Contest

Would you like to design a Spirit Shirt for your school? Spirit Shirt designs are due by Friday, May 22nd. The winner of the shirt design contest (voted on by the student body) will receive a prize and free shirt! We are going to provide free shirts to all of the incoming freshmen as well as try to cover shirts for the rest of the student body.

Here are the requirements:

● Artwork for the front side only

● One OR two color font/design

● Digital designs submitted to Reinholt by email
All designs are due this Friday, May 22nd.

Next Year's Spirit Shirt Design Contest

Current juniors, we want to see the best possible designs for next year’s SENIOR SHIRTS! Spirit Shirt designs are due by Friday, May 22nd. The winner of the shirt design contest (voted on by the senior class) will receive a prize and free shirt!

Here are the requirements:

● Artwork for the front AND back side

● One OR two color font/designs

● Digital designs submitted to Reinholt by email
All designs are due by Friday, May 22nd.

Supply Drive

Our annual Supply Drive has been canceled, but save your donations! We will hold a Supply Drive next school year. Remember that we will be taking clothes, canned food, snack bars, hygiene and feminine products, and books. Please save them so that you can donate!

If you have an adult bicycle that you are able to donate to our school, please email Mr. Reinholt at! It will be used for Leadership and school-wide activities in the future and can be a used adult bicycle, even if it is not in perfect condition.

Painting Rocks For Service Hours

If you've been trying to find a creative way to earn service hours, this is your chance. The Service Committee has created a way for you to earn service hours by painting rocks and placing them in your community. You can earn up to two service hours by participating in this event, one hour for painting the rocks and one hour for placing them. To participate, please to go Hour.


Birthday slides will continue to be posted on all Mountainside social media accounts each week.


Prom and Prom Court Voting

Seniors, Prom is (hopefully) still happening. We currently have the World Trade Center reserved for Saturday, July 11th. If social distancing hasn’t relaxed at that point, then we are planning a late July/early August Prom, most likely at Mountainside. With everything going on we have extended Prom Court voting to Friday, May 8th! So Seniors, if you have not voted yet, please check your Canvas announcements for your voting link. You will vote for your top ten classmates that you believe are all-around good people. The ten people that receive the most votes will make up our Prom Court!.The poll will close May 8th so get your votes in soon!

Senior End-of-Year Video

Our Mountainside Tech Team is working on a video to highlight our senior class, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! We understand that right now is a difficult time, but we want the class of 2020’s time in school to be remembered fondly. We are encouraging you to submit photos and videos from this school year and throwback photos from years before. Please send these photos and videos ASAP to

Senior Tree

As a senior legacy/gift, we will have a tree in the courtyard. To personalize it, we are asking all seniors to decorate the “upright” face of a small, individual rock with their name and any design of their choice to surround the tree. So seniors, set your inner artists free and have fun with this during this break. We will also have a plaque placed around the tree for future classes to identify us as the first graduating class in Mountainside history!

“How to:”

- Rock must be able to fit in your hand

- Don’t paint the bottom of the rock (only the visible top side of the rock)

- Must be appropriate (no curse words, inside jokes, explicit drawings, etc)

- After collection, we will put a clear coat over your art to make it waterproof

- Drop off at MHS Friday, June 5th (same day as yearbooks/chromebook check-in/etc.)

Senior Handprint Wall

As part of the legacy for the class of 2020, we’ve been working on creating a senior handprint wall where every 2020 senior will have a chance to put a painted handprint and signature on a wall to create a mural-like design. This was originally planned for late April but has been postponed and the new dates will be announced if they are finalized (dependent on BSD social distancing requirements). We are optimistic to be able to complete this event because we want our seniors to know they have left their mark and been an awesome first graduating class!

Senior Instagram Highlights

As part of our efforts to highlight our senior class check out @mountainsideseniors for student spotlights and more!


Q: For schools with NCAA-approved core courses, how will the Eligibility Center approach those schools that issue Pass/Fail grades in Spring/Summer 2020 due to school closures?

A: For NCAA-approved core courses completed in Spring/Summer 2020 that have been issued a grade of “Pass,” the Eligibility Center will apply the credit earned in these courses toward the core course requirement in the student's certification. If the student's core-course GPA would increase by assigning a value of 2.300, this value will be assigned to the Passed courses. However, if the student's core-course GPA would decrease by including the 2.300 value for Passed courses, the student’s core-course GPA will be calculated based only on courses with assigned letter grades from other available terms (credit from these courses will still be applied toward the student's core-course requirements). Note: This policy will apply to students from all grade levels (e.g., freshmen, sophomores) who successfully complete NCAA-approved Pass/Fail courses in Spring/Summer 2020.

Please refer to this updated information from the NCAA concerning eligibility.

mavs dancers

The Mavs Dancers are the performing and competitive dance team at MHS. We perform in the community and at MHS varsity events, as well as competitions in the fall and winter. The Mavs Dancers train in contemporary, pom, hip-hop and jazz. No previous dance experience is required.

Our Seasion:

  • May-Aug: Tryouts, camp, season trainning
  • Sept-Oct: Parades, football games, assemblies
  • Nov-Dec: Fall competition season
  • Jan-Mar: Basketball games, winter competitions, state championship
  • Aug-Mar: Practice three times a week

Applications are due by May 20th!

Follow us on Instagram for updates: @mountainsidedance


mpact parent group

We have a couple of important things to put out there. The first is pulling together our teacher appreciation week. There is a little information is below and there was an email from “school messenger” on Tuesday that has more details.

The other is our elections. Typically April and May are the months that we have nominations and elections for the next year’s board of directors. I think we can all agree that it’s just not going to work out to get that done during this school year. So here is what we have decided.

Our next board and general meetings will be on May 20th. This meeting will be broadcast somehow. Either using Facebook Live or Zoom. At that meeting, we will officially open the nominations process for board positions. We are assuming that this process will remain open through the summer unless we have willing people to step up to fill the open positions. Please give some thought to where you can help.

Here’s what we know will be open:

- President. Please remember I have been doing this now for 4 years and I truly need a break. I’m not going away, just need someone else to be in the driver’s seat.

- Vice President at Large

- Vice President of Fundraising

- Vice President of Volunteers

- Vice Presidents of Spirit Merchandise (2)

- Vice President of Concessions

- Vice President of Marketing

These openings leave a great big void in how our parent organization operates and supports the school. Descriptions on these board positions can be found in our official by-laws on our website


Finding Support

Club Hope is a student club for awareness, advocacy, support, and outreach for our students experiencing homelessness. During these difficult times, we understand many more of our families may be facing tough situations due to current COVID-19 closures. To help, we have put together a document with links to the many resources available to our community – from food distribution, housing assistance, employment, medical insurance, counseling, and crisis services. Please click this link for more info.

To donate to Club Hope, you can use the BSD online payment system, scroll down to the DONATIONS section (you do not need to log in). Then choose Mountainside High School and then Club Hope and enter your donation amount. Thank You!

Staff Appreciation

We are still looking for photos, videos, music, artwork from our students and families to include in our Staff Appreciation video. It doesn’t take much time and it means a great deal to our teachers and staff who are working so hard to keep our students engaged and learning. Please email to submit your photos, or to request access to a file share for larger file uploads like video or music. The deadline is this Sunday, May 3rd. Thank You!

Final Reminder

If you purchased tickets for the MHS Gala and Auction, please remember that the deadline for refunds is the end of April. Please let me know if you would like to request a full or partial refund. In early May I will be processing the Tax Deductible receipts for everyone who was able to make a donation for MPACT/MBB. Thank You!