Welcome to the Burton Media Center!

The Place to Go When You Need to Know

Dear Parents,

I am the new media specialist at Burton and I am very excited to be here. I love to read, and I believe that being a good reader is the foundation for learning in all classes. The best way to become a better reader is to practice reading by spending time reading every day. I would encourage you to make sure your child reads for at least 20 minutes at home every day and have included a few ways you can get involved on the bottom of this page.

Your son or daughter will be visiting the library once a week. Library books will be checked out for one week, but may be renewed if your student is not finished reading it. Please make sure the book is brought on library day so it can be renewed in the system. An overdue book means a student cannot borrow another book until the overdue book is renewed or returned. If a book is lost, payment toward a replacement will be requested from the parents.

The library is going to be an exciting place to be this year with many activities going on to make reading appealing and fun! Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Our program will be promoting the very best of children’s literature to your child with activities designed to help student’s enjoy the stories even more.
  • I will be doing my very best to get (or keep) your children “hooked on reading” by recommending specific reading materials to each individual student.
  • At each grade level students will be learning research skills specifically suited to their developmental needs.
  • Library lessons will stress good Digital Citizenship, helping your child make safe and ethical decisions when using the Internet.
  • The new iPads in the library will be available for many tasks this year!

Our media center is ready and I am excited about this coming year. I am committed to making the library your child’s favorite place in the school! Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have questions, would like suggestions, or are looking for ways to help out.


Jacqueline Terbrack


This is me with my daughters, Addison and Emma, and my husband Dan.