Music of the 1970s

The world of Disco and Pop Compared to now

The 1970s

The 1970s was a decade of getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. The 70s started with fun, up beat pop music. It ended with the funky tune of disco. This wonderful presentation will fill you in on the music of the 1970s.

Top Song, Album, and Record

The top song, album, and record in 1971 were, "You've got a friend", "Tapestry", and "It's too Late" claims These were all by Carole King. Carole only wrote "You've got a Friend" while Lou Adler was the producer of "Tapestry" and "It's too Late". For those she was just the artist. This is a picture of Carole King these days. Picture from

The top Genres of Music

The top genres of music according to was Pop and Disco. Carole King played pop while says example of disco would be, "I will Survive" by artist Gloria Gaynor. Although there was not a Best Disco Recording until the year 1979, which Gloria won.

Why did People Like These Genres of Music? thinks people liked pop music because they wanted a new type of music and pop gave them that. Discos was a fresh, new type of music too. It started in the mid 70s and lasted through the early 80s. There were disco nightclubs throughout the major U.S cities.

How was music used?

Many people loved listening to music but for others it was used in a more helpful way. Music Therapy was used for nursing home residents, patients with medical conditions, rehabilitation settings, and prisoners. Recently music therapy has been used to help awareness for people with ASD. (

Is there anyone in our generation like someone from the 1970s?

I believe that Sam Smith is like the 70s Carole King. In 2014 Smith won four Grammy awards, like King did in 1971. They both won the Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Smith won the Pop Vocal Album of the year and King won the Best Pop Vocal Performance Female. ( (

What's the Biggest Difference?

The biggest difference between the 1970s and the 2000s is the favorite genre of music. In Michigan the top genre is Rap music. (


Similarities of the 1970s and now are that they both enjoy pop music, although pop is no longer the top genre, it is still loved by many. Music is still used to help others through music therapy and it keeps improving.


Differences from the 1970s music and now are the artists, songs, and genre. It is now rap as it was pop and disco. There are no longer as many disco clubs in the big cities because the popularity of the music has gone down.