4C News

Friday, January 29, 2016


The kids are knee deep in their creation of Colonial America Picture Books. Creating the plot is a little challenging as the writers have to stay true to life in 1750. However, they are loving the creative side of this project!

Next week, we'll move to the events leading up to the American Revolution. There is a great music video that the kids will watch towards the end of the week. Keep your ears open at home!

In addition, we have 5 small groups that meet and work for the last hour of each day. Wow, we are so busy each day!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The kids are doing a great job with fractions. Up to this point, the students have learned about equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, the addition and subtraction of fraction, and the multiplication of a whole number times a fraction. Next week the students will be creating a line plot and working more with mixed numbers. Please check out the two graded topic quizzes and the January MO that have come home in Friday Folders. Keep those exit ticket corrections coming!

Mr. Philipp's Class ~ Students seem really interested in our newest unit…geometry. Students were introduced to the protractor, learned about the names of various angles, and notable lines such as perpendicular, intersecting, and parallel lines. Ask your child the strategy on how to remember what an acute angle is and the definition of a parallel line. Each student is responsible for a protractor. They will need it for homework in the upcoming weeks. They are expected to use it for their assignments and bring it to class each day

Mrs. Gleason's Class ~ In module 4 we are learning about geometry. This week the class learned to use a protractor to measure and draw angles. Next week our focus will be symmetry, classifying triangles and finding missing adjacent angles. For this module, the children are expected to remember a lot of vocabulary. I will be sending home a vocabulary list, and it would be helpful to review the terms with your child. I expect to be finished with this module before February break.


Many new vocabulary words in this magnetism & electricity unit! Today the kids were busy testing objects for conductivity. Next week they'll build series and parallel circuits. I am planning to finish up the unit with electromagnetism before February Break.

Book Orders

The January orders arrived this week. February orders are in Friday Folders. All orders must be placed by Friday, February 12th. Check out the coupon attached to the orders!

Valentine's Day Party

All slots have filled for our sundae party on February 12th. Thank you! The kids are more than welcome to bring in some sort of box to collect their valentines from their classmates. Decorating will have to be done at home. I'll have a small bag for those kids who don't bring in something from home. It would be great if the ice cream could come in next week. Freezer space is limited!

Author Visit

Author and Illustrator, Jeff Mack, will be visiting the CPES on Monday, March 14th. Check out the Super Family Book Challenge in your child's Friday Folder. Also, all Jeff Mack book orders are due Friday, February 5th.

Dates to Remember

February 11th ~ Skating at the Ice Rink (11-12:20)

February 12th ~ Ice Cream Sundae Party

February 15th-19th ~ February Break, No School

March 4th ~ Report Card Day :)

March 25th ~ Superintendent's Conference Day, No School

March 28th ~ April 1st ~ Spring Break, No School