Jacob's Rescue

A holocaust story

Main Characters

Jacob was an 8 year old Jewish boy and lived in the Ghettos with his Aunt Hannah and his grandmother. To protect Jacob, his aunt Hannah has sent him away to the Roslan's, a Polish family that has agreed to take Jacob in. Alex has pulled up the floor boreds underneath the sink to hide Jacob in case if any visitors came or any german guards came.Alex and Mela had 2 children of there own, Marishka who was 8 and Yurek who was 11. Since Jacob was Jewish and had a jewish name, Alex had to change it to Genyek, a polish name so no one would suspect he was jewish even through he had brown curly hair and brown eyes.


This is a true holocaust story and happened in WWII. This book has a historical refrence to what was happening in WWII. One way this related was by all the bombing that were happening all around them. They would have to run and hide somewhere safe never really knowing if they would live to see the next day just like the soldiers that were at war. The families wouldn't have alot of and sometimes they ran out, but if they were to go out and look they may get shot by the German's.


The Roslan's have deffinatly earned the righteous among nations award. One way of how they earned the award was because they were not supose to help Jacob because hne was jewish and they kept him safe in there home. Also they had taken another jewish boy Sholom who was Jacob's five year old little brother and had saved him to so the germans wouldn't find them, they ripped up floor bords undernesth the sink just in case any German guards came to search the house. Third reason was because When Jacob was sick he hid Jacob in a couch and brought that couch to the hospital were Jacob was going to be treated for his scarlet fever, if he wasn't treated any sooner he would have dies just like david had.

Quote / Citation

"I have to report this."

I chose this quote because it reminds me of someone vwho doesn't give a second thought about helping others. Yes i know she should have told or its dengerous but saving one child is like saving the world. I heard thatr yesturday and imediatly thought of this project about Jacob and Sholom. She was only gready and wanted whatever the reward was. She didn't care about hedr friends that she backstabbed.

The audio part

The importance of this reading is to tell and make sure that this terrifying event never happens agian. If we forget what happened then there is a good chance that it could happen again sometime in the future. By teaching this to new generations is to never forget the past and all the loved ones that dies in the holocaust. Also to describe what they went through as in hiding and what scarry consiquences would come if you were to hide a Jew. Lastly to show everyone the horrid conditions and the lack of food thatr was avalible for everyone.