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February 2016 Notes

1. Music in classrooms- Please do not allow students to listen to their own music in your classroom. You may choose to play music over your speakers while students are working, but at no time should students have the option to listen to music on their own device.

2. Hoodies- Students should not have their hoods on at any time inside the building. Please ask them to remove it. As a safety precaution, we need to identify all students at all times. Please help up us enforce this rule. Let an administrator know if there is a frequent issue from a particular student.

2. Course Fees- Please make sure you are charging the appropriate course fees. See Mrs. Brandenburg if you have questions.

3. PLC minutes- Please continue to send me the minutes from your weekly PLC meetings via email. You do not need to put them in the shared folder.
4. NAF- Please take two minutes to watch the video for the Northwest Cabarrus Academy of Health Sciences and Biotechnology.
5. Scholarships- We just surpassed last year's record scholarship total- we are at $5.4 million!
6. MTSS- Thank you for all of your hard work to make discipline more fair and consistent at NCHS. Not only have referrals gone down, the disproportionality in discipline is vanishing. Thank you for being consistent and for following the MTSS expectations in your classroom. If you still feel like you have questions about MTSS, please see Kelly Mavropoulos.
The graph below shows the decline in referrals between last year and this year.

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Important Dates/Technology Workshops

2/9 Bus Evacuation Drill 9:00 am

2/10 SIT Meeting - 2:30 Media Center

2/11 Pep Rally – 4th period (game was moved from Friday to Thursday)

2/15 Snow Make-up Day

2/17 Mentee Appreciation Luncheon

2/17 Mentor/Mentee meeting

2/17 ACT pre-administration

2/25 Greenhouse Ribbon Cutting – 9:00am

2/26 MTSS Incentive Event

3/1 ACT

3/2 Faculty Meeting

3/3 Meet the Teacher Night 4:30-6 (required)/Curriculum Night 6:30-7:30 (flex time earned)

Technology Workshops

2/16 Going Paperless
2/23 iCurio Help
3/1 Canvas Help