La Isla De Las Munecas

Jaileen Caraveo


South of Mexico City, you can find a small island with which never intended to be a tourist destination called La Isla De Las Munecas (Island of dolls).

The Legend

The legend of La Isla De Las Munecas says that a girl was found drowned many years ago and the dolls are possessed by her spirit. A man named Don Julian Santa Barrera found her and found a doll in the river and assumed it was her's. He Hung the doll on a tree in memory of her. He began to feel guilty for not being able to save her so he stared to hang more dolls around the island. He was apparently haunted by the girl and she would tell him to hang more and more dolls in the island. After 50 years of collecting these dolls Don Julian was found dead in a river in the same spot the girl was supposedly found. People say that the island is counted by the girl and Don Julian and that the dolls sometimes whisper to each other or move their arms and heads. Although the action of Don Julian was innocent it ended up being portrayed as a real nightmarish destination.