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Jonah K.

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I choose this quote because when I am reading at night and try to stop I can't and keep reading until I almost fall asleep.
Latch feat. Sam Smith- Disclosure Lyrics
I choose this song because it is one of my favorites, it is about love, and I love books.

About Me

As a reader I love to read. Sadly, when I read I start thinking about something, then my mind wanders off. I realize I kept reading so I have to reread like a page or a paragraph. I read because books are fun. Here are 10 things about me as a reader:

10: I Still sometimes read easy picture books.

9: One of the Harry Potter books took me almost a year to read.

8: I hate when people interrupt me while I am reading.

7: Sometimes I have to read parts of chapters that I have already read.

6: I would rather have a few pictures in a chapter book than none.

5: I am not the biggest fan of sports books.

4: I have seen movies before I have read books.

3: I like series more than single books.

2: I can read in the car, because I don't get carsick.

1: I have read a book more then probably 5 times.

My Blog

I am reading a book with my mom called sheep. it is about a dog who needs a home and a friend. I would recommend it to anyone who likes touching stories or if you're an animal lover.

My Favorites

My Favorite book is called "Toys Go Out", my favorite author is J.K. Rowling. See pictures below.
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