The Emerald Island


Irelands first language is Irish Gaelic ( also known as just irish ). Here are some useful words that you may need to know:

~Hello-------------dia duhit

~Whats your name?----------cen t-anim ata ort?

~Good morning------------dia duhit ar maidin

~good night----------oiche mhaith

~Wheres the toilet------------ ca bfhuil an leithreas

~excuse me?------------ gabh mo leisceal

~How much is this?----------- ca mhead ata seo?

~my hovercraft is full of eels--------------- ta m'arthach foluaineach lan d'eascanna


Ireland is a very agricultural country. Ireland produces many fresh vegetables such as potatoes which is a large trademark for the country. Smoked Salmon, Irish stew, and Irish lamb are considered Irish specialtys. Other local delicacies include Crubeens [pig feet] and colcannon [a cooked mixture of potatoes and cabbage]. Tea is the most common drink in Ireland. The Irish usaually have large breakfasts.


The Irish may shake hands when being introduced to someone or greeting a friend. When adressing friends, relatives, and aquaintences, the Irish usually greet them by their first name. Titles such as Mr. , Mrs. , Ms. , Miss , and Dr. , and last names are mainly used at formal ocassions or for someone with a higher status. close friends may kiss on the cheek when meeting.

General Attitudes

If you go to Ireland you certainly wont feel alone.The Irish are generally easygoing, light hearted, good humored, polite, and cheerful people.