12 Days of Stella & Dot

One Challenge a Day, One Prize a Day!


Thanks everyone who shared their experiences at trunk shows!! BETH OKUN is the winner for the Day Ten Challenge! Congrats Beth!! Beth wins a Stella & Dot Coffee Tumbler!



According to Danielle Redner, the Group Hello is the biggest, fastest and easiest thing you can do to impact your trunk show success! Implementing the Hello at every show will increase your bookings, increase your sales, help you to make more connections and you will have more sponsoring conversations. It's just a casual, fun way for you to connect with everybody at once and to share some important information. There are as many versions of the Group Hello as there are stylists in this company. The goal is to be yourself, be genuine and share some information about the company, mention hostesses rewards, specials, details about the company and the opportunity to be a part of something as wonderful as S&D. Your guests want to hear from you!! The Hello can make your shows more fun overall and can help you make sure that your guests know what's going on.

There are many great Group Hellos you can watch for inspiration. Go to S&D University and search "Group Hello" to see some of our best stylists give their own version. Also, go to You Tube and search Stella & Dot Group Hello. There is a great video from a stylist who actually took a video of her hello at a live trunk show. I love this because she's truly so casual and engaging- and she really hooks the guests in when she's showing them how to tie our scarves.

I loved the tip in one of the videos about giving your hostess a little gift in front of her guests and using that as the way to get the Hello started. Our own Jennifer Davis said on our board yesterday that she leads off with questions. Well, that's what Danielle Redner suggests!!

The most important part of doing the Hello is to BE PREPARED to do it. If you are ready and practiced, it will be much easier!! It doesn't have to be perfect, or the same every time. You can even take a little notecard with the bullet points of the most important things you want to cover. If you did the group hello and you started booking an average of two shows at each show, like Beth Okun recently did, how awesome would that be?


This challenge is to record and post your Group Hello on our team FB page. If you are already doing them at your shows, this should be pretty easy!! If you aren't, I urge you to write out some notes, practice in front of the mirror or someone you love, and then give it a shot! What have you got to lose?? We will keep these videos on our team page only- no sharing on other sites unless you choose to share your own. Let's help each other boost our confidences, share ideas and get prepared to do a group hello at every trunk show you have in January!!!

Submissions due by midnight TOMORROW. I wanted to give you a little extra time, especially for everyone working in an office today. There will be two prizes for this challenge. The FIRST STYLIST to post their Hello will win a Stella & Dot Ikat Utility Tote. Then, after all the entries are posted, we will do a drawing for a piece of jewelry from the new collection!

If you have questions or would like additional training on the group hello, please e-mail me at katy.b.barnes@gmail.com with the subject DAY ELEVEN CHALLENGE.

Katy Barnes, Director and Independent Stylist- LaCocoDots Team