Survival Guide for the

Amazon Rainforest

Location,Climate,and Geography

My plane crashed,and I landed in the Amazon Rain forest.The temperature here in the Amazon Rain forest gets higher than 93 degrees,or drops down to 63 degrees at night.It is tropical here,and Brazil contains nearly 60% of the Rain forest.

Steps for survival in the Amazon Rain Forest

The 1st step on to survive is to find a good shelter fast.Step two keep your skin covered roll down your sleeves.So your wounds won't get infected by anything.The 3rd step is to obtain water bees build their hives within a couple of miles from water.Step four if you crashed find any things to use.

Here are some nice pictures of the Amazon Rain Forest

Animal life

One of the animals in the Amazon is a Harpy Eagle.It can help you by hunting animals,or you can just kill it then eat it.It is a food source for you.It can kinda be scary for you,because of its "whispy screaming or wailing."It is not dangerous.

Plant Life

Brazil nut trees are just one of the plants in the Amazon.This can help you with your hunger.This plant is edible too,and it doesn't harm you it's just a tree.Nor is it poisonious