George Caleb Bingham

A famous Missouri artist

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Birth and Early Life

George Bingham was born in Augusta county ,Virginia, in 1811 on March 20th. He was the second of seven children. His father lost much of their land to pay off a friend's debt. They moved to Franklin, Missouri to start a new life. George was inspired by watching Chester Harding paint Daniel Boone's portrait.

Mid life

At age 16, George worked for a cabinetmaker who was also a preacher. George enjoyed talking about political and religious problems. He soon gained experience in being both a preacher and a lawyer. George often expressed his political views in his paintings. He also painted portraits of great political figures such as George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Jefferson.

Late life and death

George was not just an artist. He didn't just paint. He also ran for office in the Missouri legislature. The first time he ran, he did not win. Yet, the second time, he was successfully elected. George Caleb Bingham died on July 7, 1879 in Kansas City, MO.