Prairie House


Description Of The Prairie House style

The Prairie House is a product of Frank Lloyd Wright. They have french doors, wide everts crafts, columns, overhanging eaves, Low pitched roofs, central chimney, open floor plan, prairie landscape around the house.

Describe The Time Period's Historical Events

The Presidents during the time periods were George H. W. Bush, Woodrow Wilson were the presidents between the 1900- 1920 time period. In 1914 world war 1 has began and the U.S troops occupy vera cruz. In 1917 U.S enters world war 2. Then jumps to 1918 when world war 2 comes to an end and the treaty of Versailles was made. Then we jump to the 1919 and the 18th amendment to prohibit alcoholic beverages then 1920 the women gain the right to vote.

Materials And Technology That Was available During The 1900's

The 16th inch on center framing has remind the dominant choice. This was to provide aqueduct support. Significant change to the sizes of the dimension lumber used in the balloon framing occurred in the early 1900. Virgin growth lumber (also known as old growth) was commonly used a lot back then. Wood species were organized into many species with similar properties.