Middle East News

By: Nolan Strand


Small particles of rich soil

It relates to this chapter because if there wasn't rich soil, you couldn't grow crops.


Order that restricts or prohibits trade with another country

It relates because if you tried trading with another country and you didn't know, you could be arrested.


Older sections of Algeria sections

It relates because if we didn't know any of the problems that happened there we might make the same mistake as the past.

What are the most important crops in Egypt?

There are many crops in Egypt,but the main crops are fruits,grains,and cotton. They are resourceful for trading, for food, and for clothes.

People from the start of North Africa

The Berbers are a historic family. They were the first people to live in North Africa. They are still alive today.

Money to a good use

Libya can make money off of oil. So they use the money to buy resources. The main resources are food products , textiles, and oil products so they can sell it again.
The Berber community in North Africa CCTV News
Destination North Africa